Our 1GS team is an extension of yours

We value relationships. We deliver results.

We are a team of dedicated marketers striving to exceed expectations daily. Learn about who we are and what makes us tick.

— About Us

1GS, A Miami Digital Marketing Agency

1GS team members are here to be the marketing engine that helps you hit your goals. We will implement new procedures to streamline operations, generate qualified leads consistently and increase revenue. It’s what we do.

Our teammates have over 20 years of digital marketing, consulting and sales enablement experience, helping businesses all over the world. Ongoing education, training, industry research, and staff development are everyday things and defines who we are.

We believe all our team members should have a great student mentality, work ethic and a positive attitude. These characteristics keep us innovating, to always provide the best service and results for our clients.

To us, you are our partner, we are aligned and in this together to hit your goals, which is why you are the #1 in 1GS.

— Our DIfferentiator —

Why Partner with Us?

We are an extension of your team. Your business goals become our top priority.
  • Capabilities

    – Our team has over 20 years experience
    – On-going education, industry research and staff development

  • Integrity

    – Our team is an extension of your team
    – We value human interaction, collaboration and full support

  • Transparency

    – We complete the work we say we will
    – Have questions, we provide thorough answers

  • Services

    – Comprehensive 360 degree solution
    – Customized plans to meet your business objectives

  • Affordability

    – Monthly agreements
    – Pricing that fits your budget

We Produce Results

Honest & Transparent

Monthly Agreements

Customized Solutions

Our Values

We believe who you are matters as much as the results you produce. Therefore we have built a team of experts in their crafts who also embody the core-values our founders believe in.
  • Passionate about results
  • Helpful attitude
  • Ownership mentality
  • Self motivated and adaptable
  • Inclusive and lead-by example culture

Let’s crush your goals!

We will create innovative digital marketing solutions that will set your brand apart from your competition, drive high-intent leads and increase revenues.

Our Founders

Sahil Sethi


Sahil Sethi

We started 1GS to help businesses overcome their marketing and sales challenges, and align them to work together. We further fixed this by providing our clients transparency, an all-in one solution, monthly agreements and expert knowledge.

Claudia Papa


Claudia Papa

I am passionate about helping businesses who are struggling, need to talk strategy with an expert and need a company they can trust. Genuine caring and results, without all the fluff and BS of every agency.

Some Fun Facts

Startups with how many founders are most successful? The oldest business is a farm started how many years ago? Our team has had this many cups of coffee this month? (We are a team of 12)

2 Founders

400 Years Ago

920 Cups and Counting

Let’s partner together and do some great things.

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Partners & Certifications

Hubspot Certified Partner

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