Uncover 7 Marketing Tools for Beginners You Should Know! Experts Love These!

Uncover 7 Marketing Tools for Beginners You Should Know! Experts Love These!


Let’s face it. Hiring a team of marketers doesn’t seem like the right idea when you’re first starting out. The budget might not allow it. Or you’re more of a hands-on learner. That’s why we recommend these marketing tools for beginners who want a little more insight.

Our agency wants our clients to learn what works for their business along the way. That’s how we know a full-fledged marketing plan can be a bit intimidating. Especially when you aren’t sure what benefits you’re receiving.

We recommend these tools to get you better acquainted with digital marketing. You’ll find that their ease of use and free services can help you start marketing your business all on your own.

When you decide to move beyond these tools, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable allowing our team to work with you.

Here are 7 marketing tools for beginners you need to know…

For Design: Canva


Got an eye for the creative but lack expert knowledge on Photoshop/Adobe Design? Canva is your new best friend. Many college students attest to the ease of use Canva provides. Especially for last-minute projects. I was one of them!

Canva is a graphic design platform with thousands of designs and templates in place. Customize a graphic for Facebook, webpage, or LinkedIn without spending hours fine-tuning technicalities. 

Its purpose to be user-friendly makes this an essential marketing tool for beginners.


We love the following features for beginners:

  • Easy to use brand guides
  • Hundreds of thousands of graphic elements (no seriously, it’s endless!)
  • 250,000+ templates
  • 100+ design types

For Analytics: Google Analytics


Nowhere else are there more answers to your questions than Google. Google Analytics provides you with a clear picture of your results making the idea of analytics less daunting for beginners. They even offer free courses to help you understand the power of your analytic reports!


Take advantage of the following for your business:

  • Demographic data
  • Social media platform insights
  • Data Report Customization
  • Conversion Tracking


For Social Media: Loomly


Okay, so you might have seen us mention this before! But it’s hard not to keep talking about it! Loomly is the best tool for social media management, in our opinion!

This marketing tool for beginners alike allows you to create multi-type content. All customizable based on your platforms.

The best part? It’s all in one place!


There’s more to enjoy with:

  • List and Calendar view
  • Suggestions based on related events and #trends
  • Asset management in one library
  • Easy to schedule options


For User Research: HotJar


Now user research may not be the most interesting part of the job for some. You could simply go through Google Analytics to gather a decent understanding of your audience.

But imagine getting to be in the mind of your audience. With HotJar, you can do that (without mind control!)

HotJar is a new tool that uses heat sensing technology to see how your visitors experience your site. Find where your visitors linger, where they gravitate, and what they find difficult.


HotJar also offers:

  • Visual conversion funnel tracking
  • Online form analysis
  • Feedback from website poll


For Email Marketing: Klaviyo


Ever scrolled by millions of promotions in your email inbox, but only click a few? Those few are the gold stars of email marketing. The reason lies within both their design and intent.

Getting someone to open your business’s email takes a lot more planning than you may realize. That’s where Klaviyo comes in.

Klaviyo provides you with a pick-and-choose format. It’s easy to insert features that let you visualize your email as a bunch of building blocks. Kind of like your personal set of marketing Legos.

You get to preview how your email comes across to your audience without having to start from scratch. Conisder this marketing tool for beginners the next time you send out an email.


These added features make you feel confident in sending out your next promotion:

  • Easy to import email lists
  • Email series setups
  • Automatic response through email flows
  • Audience segmentation to better tailor your emails

For SEO: MOZ Explorer


We know you’ve heard of SEO at this point. A crash course can tell you how important it is to optimize your SEO. But, implementing SEO is a lot easier said than done.

That is…until you discover Moz Keyword Explorer. Its features make this a perfect marketing tool for beginners. And, if you feel up to the challenge you can also try the Pro version.

Moz gives you keyword research, competition insight, and your search engine ranking. Moz also offers thousands of articles to help you understand the complex features of SEO.


We find these Moz features to be helpful:

  • Keyword analytics by search volume
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Save your personalized keyword lists


For Better Copy: Hemingway App


Copy is one of those things that gets misunderstood. It’s not the same as your high school essays. But it doesn’t have to be difficult either. 

You’re likely to find that one of the differences between good and bad copy is its readability. It’s a lot easier to attract your audience when they can actually read what you’ve written!

So when your audience tends to give no more than 5-8 seconds of attention to your content, you better make it easy to read!

One free and favorite marketing tool for beginners is the Hemingway app.

This tool evaluates not only your readability. It highlights the errors within your writing based on several factors.

Spot passive verbs or unnecessary adverbs in a few seconds! Even get your copy analyzed for its reading level.


We can’t recommend the Hemingway App enough for its:

  • Color-coded proofreading system
  • Reading time evaluation
  • Automatic suggestions


You don’t have to be an expert to produce good work. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way!

Use these tools to help you better understand your audience and your brand. You’ll learn a bit more about the most effective ways to market yourself in no time!

Looking for More Than a Few Tools to Get Your Brand Noticed?

Contact our team of experts! Our personalized marketing plans go above and beyond the basic tools to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Know the Top 5 Tips You Need to Optimize Content On Any Social Media Platform!

Know the Top 5 Tips You Need to Optimize Content On Any Social Media Platform!

There’s no way to say it…we’re breaking up…

with poor, optimized content!

You’ll learn the top 5 tips to help you optimize content starting today! 

For instance, did you know 80 characters on Facebook posts get 66% higher engagement! That’s not a lot to work with!

But it’s exactly what your users need. You’ll be making getting more clicks the next time you optmize your content!


Character Length

Tip #1: You don’t need to max your character count for more clicks. Know what your audience prefers for character length.


It’s easy to think that maxing your character limit would create more clicks. Wrong! 

Headlines, content, and even link descriptions have a limit on what will generate audience engagement. 

The Golden Rule is to condense your information to what’s only absolutely necessary for users. Your users are more than likely skimming through x1000 pieces of content weekly.

Focus on being direct with your content. Here are the sweet spots for the most popular online platforms: 


Headline Text: 5 words

Body Text: 40 – 80 characters (or 14 words)

Link Description Text: 18 words


Body text: 71 – 100 characters


Body Text: 138 – 150 characters

Hashtags: 10 – 11 *seperate your hashtages from your caption


Body text: 50-100 characters


Word Balance

Tip #2: Find the right balance of different emotional words.


Don’t think it all stops with just writing short sentences. Each word needs to have value to create the right balance of emotional, power, common, and uncommon words. 

While many marketers use different methods to evaluate the impact of their words, you can bet there’s a science to back up their word choice. 

One of the better methods out there is a headline analyzer.

Our favorite is the analyzer by Headlines.

Get your headlines, bios, and even posts analyzed to see the impact each of your words has. While this tool is mainly used for headlines, I’ve found that short descriptions also work well. 

Use this with some caution, however. Using useless adjectives or jargon will get your audience skipping to the next ad. It’s always best to read it out loud to see how the words sound. 



Tip #3: Keep your content accessible by dividing your paragraphs with spacing.

It’s simple.

It’s effective.

And it’s easy on the eyes.

You should know by now that your audience loves to skim. Keep that in mind as you optimize content with long paragraphs on the new service you’re launching. 

Readers are looking for digestible content. Ever hear of TL;DR? 

That’s where “white space” comes in. White space in design allows the brain to organize a large amount of information. Your brain will be more likely to remember large bits of information when it’s broken down into small, skimmable parts. 


Tip #4: Focus on one idea per post. Let each sentence have its own idea. 

We’ve talked plenty about the technical aspects of content. Now let’s focus on the abstract. 

Your content should be expressing one idea. A sentence should focus on the thought. A headline should focus on one topic. Your body text should promote to one type of audience. 

Many content writers swear by the 20-word rule. Any more and you can lose up to 10% of your readers!

  • Extra tip: Use the breath test when reading out your content. Any pausing when reading your content may mean it’s too long. Break it down to create fewer pauses!


Avoid Crossposting

Tip #5: Craft variations of your post. Your audience differs per platform. Adjusting just a small bit of your post can keep you from looking careless.

Content doesn’t always transfer well to another platform. One hashtag can bring up different results on different platforms. One profile may not exist on another. 

Your audience will take notice of how you handle your content. In fact, Twitter’s recent guidelines prevent the automation of similar content!

Remember who your audience is for every platform. You’ll keep their attention when you optimize content to fit their attention span. 

Your content has 8 seconds on average to engage your audience (no matter the platform).

To optimize content, use sites like Loomly to map out your content. You’ll be able to edit posts for your selected platforms all within one workspace!

Consider using these 5 tips for your future content. These simple tweaks will have you seeing a quick change in your content’s analytics almost immediately! Check out our services to see how else we can optimize your future content.

Need More Tips on Optimizing Your Content?

 Our experts at 1GS agency are ready to optimize your content, no matter the platform. We have over 20 years of experience with multiple plans tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Learn 5 SIMPLE Ways to Use Video Content for Better Results

Learn 5 SIMPLE Ways to Use Video Content for Better Results

Keeping a competitive edge in your market requires some ingenious ways to stay relevant. Whether that’s SEO, Facebook ads, or even personal blogs, your site’s users are seeking engagement with your business. What better way to get engagement than with video content? 

Learn 5 simple ways you can use video content today for better engagement, more leads, and more conversions

5 Beginner-Friendly Video Content Strategies


There’s nothing more confusing than shooting video without some knowledge of video production. As a business owner, your schedule will already be full of high-priority tasks. You don’t have the time to learn how to create production-level videos! 

But there’s still a way! Immerse yourself into video with these beginner-friendly marketing strategies. 

Social Media “Stories”

They’re quick. They’re snappy. They’re everything you need to fit into your schedule. Social media stories are vertical videos that last 24 hours, giving you the opportunity to keep your audience engaged with short spurts of information. 

Because they’re mobile-first videos, you’ll be able to provide an immersive experience all from your audience’s hand. Not to mention the high level of user engagement each platform provides! Statista reports that the top-ranking apps for daily user engagement as of June 2020 were:

  • Facebook: 62.5%
  • Instagram: 61%
  • Snapchat: 55.4%
  • Tik Tok: 47.4% 

Use stories as a way to create simple but effective content keeping audiences updated and engaged. With their high engagement potential, low-difficulty application, stories are a perfect way to immerse yourself into a video marketing strategy.

Live Q & A

For those of you who love being in front of the camera, Live Q&A’s give you the personal approach you need to excite your audience. Live Q&As are online, live sessions that allow attendees to ask questions to a host ready to respond. 

Of course, it requires a little more thought than a pre-recorded video. Are you looking to do a Q&A about your services? An event? A campaign?

Creating the perfect Q&A that guarantees conversions can be a little tricky. Keep in mind that your Q&A’s should always consider these essential points

  • Create the Proper Infrastructure:
    • Don’t skimp on the basics. Have a good quality camera, microphones, fast-running internet on a powerful computer, and the proper accommodations for hosts and guests. 
  • Plan the topics with careful consideration.
  • Develop a list of potential questions to prepare yourself.
  • Promote through the appropriate channels. (Think email, newsletters, and online messengers.)
  • Choose a streaming platform that suits your audience.
  • Test your live session BEFORE you conduct a Q&A!

While you don’t get the quick production of social media stories, Q&A’s provide the unique opportunity to meet your audience directly! Your careful thought and consideration won’t go unnoticed.

Video Testimonials

Not sure if you’re ready to be in front of the camera? Dive into video testimonials! Promote the best your services or product have to offer with live video testimonials.

The flexibility of video testimonials allows you to engage with your clients in a unique way. Ask your top clients if they could share their experience with your service through video. Having proof that your product meets your audience’s needs gives them the confidence to convert to your service or product. 

What’s even better is the ability to apply the video to multiple platforms, from your landing page to your social media. Use the flexibility of video testimonials to produce video content that’s genuine.


Product Demo Video

A cousin of video testimonials, product demo videos give your potential user an inside look as to how your product or service works. Video demonstrations are especially helpful for moving your client from one stage of a sales funnel to the next. 

Changing your potential user’s stage, such as a stage of awareness to interest, means creating a strategy confronting users’ needs. Consider the use of these types of product demos for your next video content strategy: 

  • Top of Funnel (Awareness to Interest): Create a brief demo to promote essential highlights. 
  • Middle of Funnel (Interest to Decision): Create an overview demo to describe abilities.
  • Bottom of Funnel (Decision to Action)l: Create a full demo video to explore functions.

When you recognize your user’s stage, your product demo videos will be that much stronger in pushing conversions and engagement.

Video Emails

Emails are another direct way to engage existing users. In fact, with emails having a 40% better conversion rate to Facebook and Twitter, your users are looking to you to update them about the best deals, promotions, and news!

Email is a prime opportunity to interact with your existing audience. By upselling through video, you’ll have a 60-70% higher probability of converting your existing users to more of your services. 

Because they’ll take the time to watch your videos, a loyal audience will feel video emails are less intrusive than would potential customers. Take the time to deepen the connection with your clientele base on a regular basis through this effective tool. 


You’ll find that video content can take on any format at any level of expertise. Take on any of these formats and you’ll soon find you’re scaling at a much faster rate than expected. Needing more info on leveraging video for your specific industry? 

Need More Tips on Optimizing Your Content?

 Our experts at 1GS agency are ready to optimize your content, no matter the platform. We have over 20 years of experience with multiple plans tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more!