We will look at two recent clients, both of which are photography businesses. Both Trish Barker, in Maui, and Jodi Davis (The Camerados) in Colorado, are portrait photographers.

At Launch

They both have beautiful websites but at the time of launch, both sites lacked in original content on both the home page and internal pages.

Google’s algorithms are content-based and we recommended adding content to these websites.

When we started the SEO campaigns, Trish Barker had a base visibility of 133, while Jodi Davis had a base visibility of 59. Visibility scores are determined by how easily you can be found on search engines, based on three factors: number of keywords for the website, the position of those keywords, and the search engine associated with those keywords. Higher ranked keyword phrases provide more points than lower ranked keywords – more listings on the first page means more points.

Ongoing SEO

Compare/Contrast: Adding content vs. not adding content

Jodi Davis did not create more content and did not build out any landing pages to grow her geographic reach. Over 30 days her visibility score responded somewhat to optimization, from 59 to 131, an increase of 72.
Trish Barker created content for 9 pages (5 landing pages and 4 service pages). Within 30 days of adding content, her visibility score increased from 133 to 413, an increase 280 (almost 4 times that of the website without content).
The value of content on a website is immense. Even though both clients specialize in a visual medium, content led to faster results. While images are what they are trying to sell, the website that added content achieved more growth. When clients add content for the Google algorithms, their websites will start to see faster results compared to websites that have minimal content.

In 30 days Trish Barker had 92 new users visit her website and after 60 days she saw that number increase to 122, a difference of 30 users. After adding content she gained significant rankings in only 30 days

In 30 days Jodi Davis had 39 new users visit her site and after 60 days she only saw 32 new users visit her site. By not adding content to her site she saw minimal growth after 30 days


Jodi Davis cancelled services after 60 days when she mentioned she wasn’t seeing instant results, ending her campaign with a visibility score of 180 and 22 active keyword rankings.

Trish Barker has an active SEO campaign and after 60 days, she achieved a visibility score of 494 and is ranked for 45 active keywords.


The website with content saw a large growth in their visibility score as well as in their active keyword rankings and website traffic. The website without content saw growth, but at a much slower rate.

Drama Kids is a major franchise brand, consisting of over 1,500 franchise entities throughout the USA, and with some international locations. Drama Kids contacted us to assist with a digital marketing plan to be executed through 2019. The two primary goal of the campaigns would be to: (1) Generate increased national search-based rankings to help drive more website traffic and franchisee business. (2) To generate franchise development sales leads to help sell more franchises. Working with a limited budget, we proposed a marketing solution to include SEO, AdWords management and a robust social media post campaign.

SEO Performance

The dramakids.com website received very limited growth for several years prior to the launch of our SEO campaign. SEO was launched on 1/4/2019 with search-based ranking and organic search traffic increasing almost immediately. Within four months, traffic increased by 50% and by 210% after eight months. Over 150 new keyword rankings were captured on Google alone, within the first two page results.

PPC Performance

An AdWords PPC campaign was launched in April 2019 for the specific purpose of generating franchise development sales leads. The campaign quickly began to generate sales leads which were reported as being very high quality. The cost per lead was very manageable, leading to an attractive advertising ROI.

Vendor of choice

Based on these successes, Drama Kids Corporate requested that we become the “Vendor of Choice” for AdWords management. Today, we manage AdWords campaigns for dozens of Drama Kids franchises, with new account being added regularly. We are currently in negotiations with Drama Kids to also offer SEO services for franchisees and to expand the 2019 digital marketing efforts.

Providence is a multibillion dollar manufacturing firm based in Hong Kong. With limited exposure in the United States, NuSvara was contracted to help use digital media to secure new business and partnerships. The campaign consists of SEO, content marketing and social media management.

Having launched in November 2019 with zero search engine visibility, the website now benefits from over 150 active keyword rankings of which 130 are first-page ranked. While Providence does not share backend financial details with NuSvara, they have confirmed that multiple major contracts have been landed as a result of their website presence.

Averitt Express provides freight transportation and trucking services that range from Mexico to Canada. Campaign goals were simple: Provide first-page search engine rankings for relevant search phrases and provide an international presence beyond US borders.

As new keyword ranking were captured, search-based exposure increased. Traffic to the website grew by 150% in under 6 months due to on-target search engine rankings. Rankings included transportation phrases within the US, Canada and Mexico.

Vermont Soap tasked us to successfully differentiate their product in a national e-commerce playing field?

Vermont Soap’s SEO campaign launched in February of 2018 with a robust WordPress site for the bulk of their content and Shopify for all end products.

Initial research in Google Analytics identified which products were already driving traffic and sales. We broke all products of the site into 12 categories.

Next, our team conducted keyword research into title tags, META descriptions, and on-page content.

We optimized product categories in addition to core pages of the wholesale website, ranging from organic soap for oily skin to handmade bar soap made from coconut.

The first 30 days of SEO are crucial to the overall results and success for the campaign. After completing a multifaceted SEO strategy throughout the website, our next step was driving organic traffic growth. In SEO, we measure organic traffic growth from Google and Bing to gauge campaign success.

Below you will see organic traffic over the course of a 5 month period in 2018 (orange line) compared to 2019 (blue line).

March 1st-August 31st Organic Search Traffic for Vermont Soap

In 2018, organic search traffic increased month to month from June to August. In 2019, we saw organic traffic up 36.63% year over year: from 44,273 to 60,491 organic users.

Impression Data

Impressions are when a user sees a website in search results. They strongly indicate SEO growth because as rankings move upward, more people see the website. We pulled impressions to the Vermont Soap website from June 1st to August 31st in both 2018 and 2019.


Impressions were up in 2018 with the site spiking at 10,698 impressions in one day on August 28th. Our total impressions to the site within those months was 662K.



By 2019, we had achieved more saturation across the market, so growth is less apparent in the figure above. Regardless, the website totaled 854K total impressions during the same 2019 time frame—a 192% increase from 2018.

Through the use of a multifaceted SEO strategy with different keyword considerations, our team yielded national rankings for organic soap and delivered significant growth with organic traffic.