A financial advisor, Johnathan L. Rohroff, based in Seattle, Washington, frustrated with networking and asking for referrals all the time for new clients, finds a marketing agency to capture more business in the form of booked appointments on his calendar from Facebook and Google Ads. Let us show you how we helped him do it!


To bring in B2B leads/scheduled calls at a Cost Per Lead under $100 with winning audiences and assets.

The Process

To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

☝️ Built a new funnel from scratch.

☝️ Focused on cold audiences (due to a lack of past data).

☝️ Kick started a CBO campaign with at least 3 ad sets.

☝️ Started off with substantially large audiences, giving Facebook more room to optimize for the best results.

☝️ Continually tested multiple new creatives and ad copies designed to appeal to potential customers.

☝️ Conducted 4 weeks of rigorous RFT testing.

The Results

From 14th Oct 2020 to 11th Jan 2021, we:

✔️ Managed to achieve 106 qualified leads.

✔️ 38 Booked Appointments on his Calendar.

✔️ Achieved a minimal Cost Per lead of $47, with a total ad spend of $5,017.