This financial advisor wanted to scale his business to new heights but gave us a minimal budget to generate results. Here’s how we helped him scale even with the limitations he set:

The Challenge

  • To increase the number of B2B leads with winning audience & assets.

The Process

☝️ Given the low budget we were promised, we decided to play safe and restrict our scope of experiments.

☝️ Therefore, we decided to use lookalikes of highly converting audiences, tested against the new audience we created out of our research.

☝️ With a limited number of previously winning ad copies and creatives, our CBO worked really well at TOF.

☝️ The daily ad spend was set at $30/day.


The Results

✔️ Within a short period of 2 weeks, we got a highly converting lookalike audience against all the rest at CPL under the desired target of 73.58%.

✔️ 1 out of 3 adsets worked well with the same set of audiences, winning all the 18 leads within 2 weeks.