A business accountant needed a continuous supply of qualified leads for their business. Learn how we got the results below. 

The Challenge

  • To fetch qualified B2B Leads and scheduled calls under budget restraints.

The Process

☝️ To stay within the budget requirements, we did extensive research to fetch a highly targeted audience.

☝️ The resultant TOF campaign with 3 ad sets effortlessly caught the attention of the potentials.

☝️ Despite in-depth research, we played safe by letting Facebook chose the best out of 8 different creative & four ad copies in dynamic creative ads.

☝️ Therefore, even the initial daily ad spend of $30/day was fruitful.


The Results

✔️ While the industry average CPL was $100, our targeted efforts resulted in $23.28/per lead (under the desired target of 77%).

✔️ Unlike what we expected, all the 3 ad sets turned out fruitful, but 2 aced it.

✔️ To bring the cost further down, we picked the 2 winning creatives & 2 winning copies.

✔️ Within one month, we brought the accountant-client 38 qualified leads ready to schedule calls and counting.