A general home contractor in Hunstville Alabama, Zandre Remodelling, needed qualified leads and an updated website for his business and was struggling to meet his goals. Their previous agency had been using Facebook ads but upon doing an audit, we noticed many missing pieces in the campaign. He gave us 90 days to fix it. We took charge and helped him turn things around. Learn how we did it and the results. 

The Challenge

  • To get B2B leads for less than $100 per lead.

The Process

☝️ We began a TOF Facebook ad campaign with 3 ad sets.

☝️ Started off the ad spend budget at $30 per day and slowly increased it to $40 per day.

☝️ Used a combination of 4 ad copies and 8 creatives, perfectly designed to speak to the brand’s customers.

☝️ Once the previous ad sets had stopped working, we tested 3 new ad sets, one by one.


The Results

✔️ Attained a total of 63 leads/scheduled calls.

✔️ Achieved a Cost Per Lead value of $68.54, which was much lower than the desired target of $100.

✔️ Get 3 ad sets that worked well out of a total of 6.

✔️ Identify 3 winning creatives and ad copies each.