Duvall Dental Center, a cosmetic dental office in Washington needed help with Facebook and Google Ads to generate qualified leads. We achieved a conversion rate way above expectation. Check out the detailed strategy we deployed and the results achieved. 

The Challenges

  • Our dentist client did not have the kind of time to focus on his Google rank and SEO.
  •  He needed a simple solution for a quick fix as he was in a high-competition zone and was likely to lose business to competitors soon.
  •  The Facebook advertisement was the best fix we could offer in that situation.
  •  However, to compete well, we needed a free-hand with budget but the client had his concerns because of his past experience with another agency.
  •  We had to settle for a nominal budget for the first month. That puts more responsibility on our experts.

The Process

☝️ We worked with the client to produce an audience persona to create new audiences.

☝️ We vigorously tested these audiences against the website visitors.

☝️ We created a lead magnet with a tempting *Limited time FREE CHECKUP* offer for the new and website-visitors-based audience.

☝️ We coupled our advertising with email retargeting.

☝️ We created a 7-day value-based lead nurturing email sequence for regular Leads before showing them the new offer ad.

☝️ The website visitors of *Need an appointment page?* were addressed separately in another retargeting ad sequence.

☝️ The results were overwhelming. The simple steps did not disappoint us and excited the client.

The Results

✔️ Our team tried to balance out the small budget with highly accurate targeting and email marketing efforts.

✔️ We brought the dentist client 193 leads in the first month.

✔️ The conversion rate was way above his expectations i.e. 37%.

✔️ The Email Marketing nurture sequence AFTER the signup pushed people to convert even before the FREE CHECKUP.

✔️ We had a high CTR, CPC was $2.78 and CPL was $17.

✔️ The account was all in good shape now for our future use.

✔️ The client extended the contract, this time with additional services.