The Challenges

– Everything the client had done in the past did not produce any results

– The data in the ad account couldn’t be used to get quick sales/wins for this client

– Given their lack of results with the previous marketing spends well into 6 figures had generated less than 2x ROAS, they needed results quickly


The Process

☝️ Introduced Instagram story ads

☝️ Used campaign budgeting to test out multiple audiences at once

☝️ Picked out best-performing adsets and variations to run them separately

☝️ Simultaneously launched DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads)

☝️ Built and implemented a bottom of funnel re-engagement campaign for their email list

☝️ We did a complete audience analysis after the first week and took out the best performing targeting options to use them in a killer campaign that pulled in a whopping 11X ROAS

☝️ For the top of funnel campaigns, we kept testing aggressively and kept hitting more than 3X ROAS

☝️ Launched an intricate middle of funnel retargeting strategy

☝️ Introduced lookalike and custom audiences for their top and bottom of the funnel

The Results

✔️ This nationally recognized clothing brand initially came to us with a negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We did a complete ad account audit and had a long strategy session call with the client to understand the problems that they were facing

✔️ Within 4 days after the initial strategy session call, we had a complete strategy in place for our full Facebook funnel

✔️ Within 3 weeks of launching, we were achieving 2.5x ROAS

✔️ At the end of our 1st month, we were easily achieving 4.36x ROAS