A health and wellness supplement e-commerce store was looking for an agency proven to help scale revenues leveraging a successful paid ads strategy. Learn how we achieved a 780% return on investment!

The Challenge

  • To increase sales revenue for the client within the designated ad budget.

The Process

To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

☝️ Made use of Lookalike Audiences (LLAs) and created Super LLAs for a greater ROAS.

☝️ Structured the pixel and the lookalike audiences strategically to get the most out of the campaign.

☝️ Kicked off a “Conversion” campaign since the primary goal was more sales.

☝️ Started off with RFT testing to obtain winning assets at a rapid speed.

☝️ Rigorously tested various ad copies and creatives.

The Results

From January 1st, 2021, to January 31st, 2021, we:

✔️ Spent $3,472 on Facebook Ads to achieve $23,499 in Facebook sales alone (780% return on investment)

✔️ Achieved an average ROAS of 6X+.

✔️ Brought on board 641 new email subscribers.

✔️ Gained 184 new Facebook page likes.