Drama Kids is a major franchise brand, consisting of over 1,500 franchise entities throughout the USA, and with some international locations. Drama Kids contacted us to assist with a digital marketing plan to be executed through 2019. The two primary goal of the campaigns would be to: (1) Generate increased national search-based rankings to help drive more website traffic and franchisee business. (2) To generate franchise development sales leads to help sell more franchises. Working with a limited budget, we proposed a marketing solution to include SEO, AdWords management and a robust social media post campaign.

SEO Performance

The dramakids.com website received very limited growth for several years prior to the launch of our SEO campaign. SEO was launched on 1/4/2019 with search-based ranking and organic search traffic increasing almost immediately. Within four months, traffic increased by 50% and by 210% after eight months. Over 150 new keyword rankings were captured on Google alone, within the first two page results.

PPC Performance

An AdWords PPC campaign was launched in April 2019 for the specific purpose of generating franchise development sales leads. The campaign quickly began to generate sales leads which were reported as being very high quality. The cost per lead was very manageable, leading to an attractive advertising ROI.

Vendor of choice

Based on these successes, Drama Kids Corporate requested that we become the “Vendor of Choice” for AdWords management. Today, we manage AdWords campaigns for dozens of Drama Kids franchises, with new account being added regularly. We are currently in negotiations with Drama Kids to also offer SEO services for franchisees and to expand the 2019 digital marketing efforts.