Back in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced our client’s life coaching event organizers to switch to a virtual format, leaving our client with a challenge to discover and motivate her target audience to sign up for the virtual event.

In the 6 weeks that followed, we helped our client collect 500 high-converting leads (webinar sign-ups and course registrations) with the desired target of a 70% conversion rate and hit the lowest CPL of $7. All that in a total ad spend of $3,500.

Keep reading as we map out exactly how it was done.

The Challenges

  • Our client had an existing presence on Facebook but wanted to scale up quickly with a limited
    budget for ads experimentation.
  • Our client and her team wanted to maximize event registrations in a total of 6 weeks.
  • They wanted to use Facebook ads to reach out to the right audience and achieve the desired conversion rate
    of 70%.
  • We had to design and share content that would highlight the value of the webinar and the benefits of attending a big virtual event from the comforts of home.

The Process

 We decided on a two-stage campaign:

1. Create awareness and promote the upcoming virtual event and reach out to new audiences with video ads.

2. Collect high-converting leads to maximize event sign-ups and encourage course registrations with a limited time discount for the event attendees.

☝️ We used short clips and exclusive footage from previous events to create buzz online and highlight the value of the event.

☝️ Our visual geniuses and copy wizards created engaging assets and creatives (including static images, GIFs, and videos) to use for both TOF and BOF, retargeting ad campaigns we were to run for the client.

☝️ We decided to use our video ads for TOF campaigns to generate maximum awareness and optimize the paid campaigns for video views.

☝️ Two weeks into the campaign, we retargeted those video viewers to collect high-converting leads for the event sign-ups. This had a major impact on the quality of the results we collected.

☝️ We used geographic and interest-based targeting filters to create high-quality audience groups on Facebook that mostly reached people aged between 18-35 years old entrepreneurs living in Canada and some selected locations of the USA.

☝️ Our Facebook Ads Specialists also created custom and lookalike audiences using the data of event attendees as well as website visitors and video viewers to boost the conversion rate.

☝️ We ran BOF, retargeting campaigns in the last 3 weeks to target people who have signed up for the event and our website visitors.

☝️ We set up 6 ad sets and tested our target audiences in each ad set using 12 different creatives and 6 ad copies.

☝️ We worked with an initial budget of $50/day and gradually increased it to $90/day for scaling campaigns. This helped us lower the cost per conversion.

The Results

✔️ We drove a 25X ROAS with the help of our 5 winning ad sets.

✔️ Our TOF and retargeting ad campaigns hit the desired 70% conversion rate for our client.

✔️ Our client saved an average of 12 hours per week by outsourcing the advertising to us.

✔️ 33 points lift in ad recall.

✔️ Course registrations alone generated total revenue of more than $28,000.