Our Chiropractor client in Boston, MA needed Facebook & Email Marketing services to get more clients. See below how we helped them land more clients.

The Challenges

  • This chiropractor was looking for customers

  • He didn’t have a pipeline to generate leads to keep patients coming in and his revenue was showing it

  • This client needed customers and did not have a lifetime budget or time to test different strategies

The Process

☝️ An initial audit and discovery

☝️ Top of funnel campaign launch using lead generation

☝️ Used a lead magnet to entice visitors to become leads

☝️ Five-part email sequence to nurture and close leads

☝️ Follow up emails were paired with Facebook retargeting ads

☝️ Using dynamic email subject lines, we quickly optimized for the best performers

☝️ Optimized the sequences for best variations in the copy

The Results

✔️ This chiropractor received 130+ leads within the first 2 weeks using Facebook ads alone. The cost per lead was below $3 and the client was able to convert 47% of the leads into paying customers

✔️ The satisfaction from the client resulted in an agreement extension of 6+ months

✔️ Optimized the sequences for best variations in the copy.