We will look at two recent clients, both of which are photography businesses. Both Trish Barker, in Maui, and Jodi Davis (The Camerados) in Colorado, are portrait photographers.

At Launch

They both have beautiful websites but at the time of launch, both sites lacked in original content on both the home page and internal pages.

Google’s algorithms are content-based and we recommended adding content to these websites.

When we started the SEO campaigns, Trish Barker had a base visibility of 133, while Jodi Davis had a base visibility of 59. Visibility scores are determined by how easily you can be found on search engines, based on three factors: number of keywords for the website, the position of those keywords, and the search engine associated with those keywords. Higher ranked keyword phrases provide more points than lower ranked keywords – more listings on the first page means more points.

Ongoing SEO

Compare/Contrast: Adding content vs. not adding content

Jodi Davis did not create more content and did not build out any landing pages to grow her geographic reach. Over 30 days her visibility score responded somewhat to optimization, from 59 to 131, an increase of 72.
Trish Barker created content for 9 pages (5 landing pages and 4 service pages). Within 30 days of adding content, her visibility score increased from 133 to 413, an increase 280 (almost 4 times that of the website without content).
The value of content on a website is immense. Even though both clients specialize in a visual medium, content led to faster results. While images are what they are trying to sell, the website that added content achieved more growth. When clients add content for the Google algorithms, their websites will start to see faster results compared to websites that have minimal content.

In 30 days Trish Barker had 92 new users visit her website and after 60 days she saw that number increase to 122, a difference of 30 users. After adding content she gained significant rankings in only 30 days

In 30 days Jodi Davis had 39 new users visit her site and after 60 days she only saw 32 new users visit her site. By not adding content to her site she saw minimal growth after 30 days


Jodi Davis cancelled services after 60 days when she mentioned she wasn’t seeing instant results, ending her campaign with a visibility score of 180 and 22 active keyword rankings.

Trish Barker has an active SEO campaign and after 60 days, she achieved a visibility score of 494 and is ranked for 45 active keywords.


The website with content saw a large growth in their visibility score as well as in their active keyword rankings and website traffic. The website without content saw growth, but at a much slower rate.