We recently started working with a new Montessori school in the US. Their previous agency had been providing leads but was not converting into tours and enrollments for over 3 months. Initially, the owners were hesitant about working with us, but when they saw we had a performance guarantee and no long-term contracts, so they started with us.

First, we optimized their website, introduced an SSL certificate, and adjusted their hosting so they owned it. We then re-optimized their home page so their value proposition was clear. Then, we implemented a mix of digital marketing services which included SEO, Social Media Management (3x weekly) across FB, IG, video and blog content creation, Paid FB, and Google Ads.

Within 10 weeks, we have already achieved 35 quality leads, 15 tours, and already 7 new enrollments, already a 5x ROI, with more enrollments to follow. The owners are extremely satisfied.

If you are a school, daycare, private school and are looking for similar results like this, please contact us for a customized quote.