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At 1GS, we specialize in helping insurance brokers reach clients in need of healthcare. We understand what makes your company stand out from the competition. Let the ad experts expand your audience reach so you can focus on running your business and helping your clients.

A young man ages out of his parent’s health insurance and needs to enter the health insurance marketplace for the first time. He searches “low cost health insurance” on Google and quickly finds a plan that suits his budget.

A woman is starting at her new job, but her benefits won’t be active for another three months. She remembers reading about short-term health insurance plans from a provider’s professional blog, so she returns to that provider’s web page to schedule a consultation to learn more.

An elderly couple struggles to navigate their provider’s webpage to pay their bills every month. They research competitors with user-friendly websites and change insurance plans to make their lives easier. 

For 1GS, health insurance marketing isn’t just about getting your logo in people’s faces. It’s about reaching the right local clients when they need your service.

Keep providing a quality product and we’ll do the rest.


Healthcare is an essential safety net for a person to have, but it can also be very complex to navigate. With so many options to choose from, individuals can feel overwhelmed and unsure what company and what plan is best for them. Many healthcare providers rely on traditional forms of advertising to draw in the right clients, but the modern truth is, it’s just easier to respond to a Google Ad than a billboard. And the less work a client has to do to reach you, the better.

Let our Miami-based digital marketing agency handle the marketing so you can focus on providing the best possible service to your clients.

We are an extension of your team.


Utilizing our team’s expertise and the latest digital marketing softwares, the 1GS Health Insurance Digital Marketing System offers a fully customizable marketing plan to grow your digital footprint. No more missing out on clients because they couldn’t find your website. We give your insurance company a distinct digital personality in a crowded market.

That’s how we maximize ROI for our clients!

1GS delivers real results. No phony promises, just cold, hard numbers and a commitment to quality content.


Drive organic traffic to your website

We optimize your website using SEO-friendly practices to get organic or unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. We also offer an industry-leading performance guarantee, so you can be sure you’re competing with top health insurance providers. 


    Get qualified leads straight to your CRM

    We create and optimize PPC adwords and social media campaigns on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, or Youtube to help insurance brokers get more traffic and more qualified leads.

    Content Creation

    Showcase your brand online

    Social Media Management

    Engage with your target audience

    Whether you’re targeting New York, Miami, or anywhere else, we provide engaging, localized content for your social media so you can reach your qualified clients and drive the right traffic to your insurance company’s website.

      Branding and Design

      Have a Professional Brand Image

      We help insurance companies stand out with personalized marketing that curates their brand and identity, both in the market and in the minds of prospective clients.

      Website Design

      Optimize your Website

      Our Clients love our results!

      Hear from them directly on how it was to work with 1GS and implement our Insurance Brokerage Growth System.

      Why Partner with 1GS as Your Insurance Brokerage Digital Marketing Company?

      Our Miami-based digital marketing agency is an extension of your team. Your business goals become our top priority. Your success is our success.


      • Our team has a diverse marketing background across multiple disciplines.
      • We offer ongoing digital marketing education, industry research, and staff development.


        • We believe in your insurance company’s mission and we want to help spread the word.
        • We value human interaction and collaboration as essential aspects of a business relationship.


        • We offer comprehensive 360 degree digital marketing solutions.
        • We craft customized plans to meet your marketing goals.

          Let’s get to know each other!

          Our team of experts is on call and ready to guide you through all things digital marketing. Let’s make something incredible together!

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