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Sales is the lifeline of your business. Harness the power of our Miami-based sales coaching, consulting, and development strategies to successfully manage your pipeline and create an optimal sales process.

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Packing your Pipeline

Declining prospects in a pipeline indicate decreased revenues. Your sales team needs qualified prospects to nurture, and close quickly.

Align with Marketing

Marketing needs to be focused on providing qualified leads. Both need to work together to ensure each team’s goals are met.

Prospecting Effectively

Need to have a clear plan and strategy behind these efforts.

Develop leads faster

If a lead stopped responding, you fell short. Proving the right information at the right time is crucial for closing deals quicker

Increasing team Efficiency

Manual repetitive tasks decrease productivity and lowers morale. A proper automation technology stack will give your sales team more time to nurture relationships and close deals

Optimizing sales processes

We’re in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. It’s time to implement the new latest sales processes and strategies.

Sales Results you need

Sales teams like to maintain total control. We get it. But a little help can go a long way. Our Miami-based sales consulting team is an extension of your team, and we are committed to utilizing full transparency and collaboration to achieve your sales goals.

  • Onboarding Call

    Meet the 1GS team, set goals and expectations, and finalize your integrated sales plan.

  • Optimize Strategies

    Document sales processes and procedures for future analysis and management.

  • Ongoing Support

    Boost your sales team with specific sales training workshops and coaching sessions.

Proven processes that drive revenue consistently

Our Sales and coaching services are customized and designed to integrate with your specific needs.

Educate your sales team

Improving your sales teams skills and techniques along with providing them the necessary tools is essential.

Educate your sales team

  • Sales Deck and Collateral Optimization
  • CRM Strategy
  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Coaching & Consulting

Pack your pipeline

Connecting with the right prospects at the right time is crucial for closing deals and hitting revenue goals.

Pack your pipeline

  • Linkedin Lead Generation
  • Marketing-Sales Alignment
  • Prospecting Services

Nurture Relationships

Proper Lead nurturing speeds up your buying cycle

Nurture Relationships

  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Lead Nurturing Services
  • Sales Automation Setup

Close Deals

Losing deals late in the sales process is agonizing. There are proven procedures we can implement to improve your win/loss opportunities.

Close Deals

  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Content strategy
  • Sales Pipeline Reporting

Let’s close more deals!

Whatever your sales challenges are, we have got you covered. Set up a call with our Miami-based sales coaching and development experts to create a customized sales plan and start hitting your revenue goals ASAP!

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Clients love our sales results

Clients love our sales results. Hear from 1GS clients directly how we have helped them improve their sales processes, and crush their sales goals.

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Proven Results

Many agencies make a lot of promises, but we follow through and deliver. That’s how we maintain a long-term relationship with our clients and why our retention rate is over 95%.

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