7 Step Guide to Online Marketing for Law Firms

Online marketing provides countless opportunities for law firms to improve their visibility and awareness across various online platforms and generate new business opportunities from potential and new clients. With the shifting of power the balance from traditional marketing to online marketing, online marketing’s importance is rising.

According to eMarketer, the total spending on digital marketing in the US surpasses traditional marketing spending for the first time in 2019. So, if you want your law firm to generate a steady flow of new clients and remain competitive, consider investing in digital marketing for law firms.

Here is a comprehensive 7 step guide to online marketing for law firms that includes critical elements of a successful digital marketing strategy to help your firm get on the right track to reach new clients. The guide mainly focuses on three things: building credibility in the areas of your expertise, reaching your target audience by conveying the right message, and improving your firm’s profile.

1. Stay focused on clients

Your previous, current, and prospective clients are the essence of your firm. You need to create digital marketing strategies for law firms around them. To engage customers successfully and prosper with your marketing plan, understand what they want and what challenges they need help with. Create a buyer persona for your law firm that represents your ideal customer based on real data about your existing and potential customers, along with the market research.

2. Build Your Marketing Framework

Your online marketing plan should be holistically evaluated. Rather than focusing the plan on campaigns, a law firm should focus on long-term business objectives and growth frameworks. Your online marketing framework should be a written plan that directs your law firm’s goals, growth, and campaigns.

“To engage customers successfully and prosper with your marketing plan, understand what they want and what challenges they need help with. Create a buyer persona for your law firm that represents your ideal customer“

3. Search Engine Optimization

You may have an amazing website for your law firm, but you need to ensure that your website ranks high on search engines, so your target audience can find it easily. For this, you need SEO, an important aspect of an effective strategy for a law firm or any business.

SEO is an online marketing strategy that generates traffic to your website, allowing your target audience to easily find your website. The better the SEO of your website, the better it will rank on search engines.

4. Generate Leads with CRO strategies

Law firms that focus on generating qualified leads and acquiring clients through online marketing need to make sure that their website is conversion optimized. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO strategy helps convert website visitors into qualified leads. You are advised to capture the contact information of the potential customers that visit your website.

5. Use Content Marketing to Build Audience

The use of quality content deepens your relationship with your audience and helps generate more leads. Content marketing is not just about your law firm blog. Your content marketing could include articles, guides, infographics, videos, webinars, ebooks, podcasts, and quizzes. These formats can be used as powerful growth drivers for your law firm. Create high-quality education content tailored to your target audience.

6. Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

Sharing an informative and appealing image on social media is an essential part of online marketing and public relations for any business. Use your social media accounts to connect with your audience, build your firm’s brand, drive traffic to your website, and generate qualified leads. An effective social media strategy involves creating and posting quality content for your social media channels, engaging with your followers, analyzing results, and running social media ads. Furthermore, create a professional bio for your social media accounts.

7. Use Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another important aspect of digital marketing for lawyers to effectively generate quality traffic and leads to your law firm’s website. SEM can be referred to as paid search, online advertising, or PPC. You can purchase leads, traffic, etc. through online ads, often on search engines like Google and Bing. With SEM, you can bid for ad placement in sponsored links on the search engine when a potential customer searches for a keyword related to your law firm.

Use this guide to understand all the fundamentals tactics essential for online marketing for lawyers. You need to stay focused, consistent, and persistent to stay atop of the competition. However, there is nothing like a standardized strategy; implement all and analyze what works best for your firm.

To discuss how to implement a successful digital marketing strategy that will generate a positive ROI for your law firm, contact us today.


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