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Insurance Agency SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your insurance website to increase its visibility when your prospects search for the insurance products that you provide.

How can SEO benefit your insurance agency?

Done correctly, the best SEO plan for your insurance agency website will drive more relevant traffic to your site and better qualified prospects contacting you.

Why is SEO important for insurance agents?

Staying ahead of SEO for your insurance company means staying ahead of your competition. With great SEO, your website outranks your competitors on search engines.

How does it work?

Search engines collect data about web pages, filing them into an index. When an insurance prospect searches for, let's say health insurance, they display the page that most accurately describes this search.

More Sales with Better SEO

1GS Digital Agency offers best in industry SEO services for insurance agencies and agents. Improving the SEO of your website has never been easier. Here are the steps we take to bolster the performance of your website.

Website SEO Audit

After performing a website audit, an insurance agency marketing expert will review with you how we can improve your website search rankings.

Keyword Research

Utilizing ChatGPT, 1GS' SEO experts research which keywords are driving customers to similar websites. We'll create an SEO keyword strategy and get to work integrating these relevant keywords within your webpages.

Monthly Optimizations

It doesn't stop there. Our team takes your insurance practice to the next level with regular SEO website audits and monthly ranking reports.

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SEO and content for Insurance Agents & Agencies

Connecting, building trust and nurturing
your best prospects.

Choose the SEO plan best suited for your current growth strategy.

Advanced SEO


12-month agreement


 $1500 / month

Improve the discoverability of your website, generate higher traffic, convert more qualified leads. 

Agency SEO


12-month agreement


$3,500 /month

Advanced SEO + Content Strategy

Dreaming of scaling your insurance agency?

With demand for insurance agents escalating, how do you scale your insurance agency and beat your competitors? Build a lasting, trustworthy brand with a consistent, professional content strategy.

Build your brand, gain the trust of your community, attract more qualified prospects and fill your appointment calendar with a 1GS insurance marketing content strategy.

Book a call with an expert to learn how a content marketing plan could help scale your agency, now supercharged with ChatGPT.

How to create the best content
for your insurance practice.


Using the best digital marketing keyword research tools available and AI assistants such as ChatGPT, our insurance marketing experts conduct several hours of research to build a long-term content strategy plan for your insurance agency. There’s more to an effective insurance marketing content strategy than trending topics. You’ll also need a list of keywords, meta tags, alt text, images, a writer, designer and web professional.

SEO Rich Content

Your blog posts will contain a healthy density of top SEO keywords that will help your website appear highest in search rankings. Our experts will SEO optimize your content with appropriate meta tags and descriptions, alt text, external links and images.


Writing content is easy! Writing content from which prospects and customers trust you is much harder. Each piece should be relevant, intelligent, easy to comprehend and engaging. Start with the audience. Who’s your best prospect? Women? Men? Families? What’s their socioeconomic status? What interests them? What pains them? Let the insurance marketing experts at 1GS take care of this for you. 

Don't waste another minute.

Grow your insurance agency with the right SEO and content marketing, now supercharged with ChatGPT.

Advanced SEO

$1500 mo-to-mo or $799/mo w/ 12 mo agreement

Improve the discoverability of your website, generate higher traffic, convert more qualified leads. 

Agency SEO

$3,500 mo-to-mo or $2,500/mo w/ 12 mo agreement

Advanced SEO + content strategy

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