About Us

About Us

1GS, A B2B & B2C Full-Funnel Marketing Agency

1GS team members are here to provide digital marketing services help you hit your goals. We will implement systems to increase targeted traffic and generate qualified leads consistently that convert. It’s what we do.

Our team has worked with dozens of B2B and B2C clients. We know all the challenges that can happen from a digital marketing standpoint. Ongoing education, training, industry research, and staff development are ingrained in our culture.

We believe all our team members should have a great student mentality, work ethic, and a positive attitude. These characteristics help us provide the best service and results for our clients. Our Miami-based B2B and B2C lead generation company is here for you, whether you need digital marketing services, business consulting, or sales coaching.

You are our partner. Together we will hit your business goals. That’s why you are the #1 in 1GS.

Our Differentiator

What makes us the best
B2C/B2C digital marketers?

We address the full marketing funnel. Not just lead generation or website traffic.

Our growing team is passionate about marketing and results.
Full-funnel marketing efforts.
On-going education, industry research, and staff development.

Our team is an extension of your team.
We do what we say we will.
We value human interaction, collaboration, and full support.

We complete the work we say we will.
We communicate quickly and effectively.
You have questions. We provide great answers.

Comprehensive 360 degree solution.
Customized plans to meet your goals.

Performance Guarantee.
Pricing that fits your budget.

We Produce Results

Performance Guarantee

Honest & Transparent

Customized Solutions

Our Team

Our Dedicated Marketing Team is Ready to Exceed your Expectations.

Claudia Papa

Interesting Fact: Elvis fan and Jazz lover.
Passion: Anything business or Real estate-related. I could watch interior design shows for hours.
Favorite Food: Pasta or sushi!

Sahil Sethi

Senior Advisor
Interesting Fact: Travelled to over 30 countries
Passion: Loves playing poker (in-person)
Favorite Food: NYC Pizza

Chad Ruiz

Director of Sales & Marketing
Interesting Fact: Big New Orleans Saints fan
Passion: Running and listening to great audiobooks.
Favorite Food: Fried shrimp, shrimp gumbo, shrimp pasta...seafood!

Laura Gates

VP of Sales
Interesting Fact: I got 2nd place in the spelling bee in the 4th Grade. I lost on the word Vermicelli and I've never been able to eat the pasta to this day.
Passion: CrossFit, Going on Tropical Vacations as much as possible and Collecting Sports Memorabilia
Favorite Food: Domino’s Pan Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza (don't sleep on it)

Kyle Goss

Social Media and Content Manager
Interesting fact: Author of a fiction podcast, "On Schedule"
Passion: Knitting, cooking, and backpacking
Favorite food: Asian style muscovy duck

Aaron Cottle

Digital Marketing Manager
Interesting Fact: I can wiggle my ears
Passion: Playing with my chidlers
Favorite Food: Burgers, fries, and the not-so-occasional dino nugget

Andres Machado

HR & Finance Manager
Interesting Fact: Spend a lot of my free time volunteering in the community.
Passion: Love flying, have my pilot's license.
Favorite Food: RAMEN!!!! can never go wrong here.

Angelica Molero

Web & Graphic Designer
Interesting Fact: Gamer and coder nerd Passion: Photography and Videography Favorite Food: TACOS!

Tyler Anderson

Marketing Automation Specialist
Interests: Red Sox baseball and traveling
Passion: Efficiency
Favorite food: Tacos

Nick Rogers

Director of Web Development
Interesting Fact: I have made a hole in one in golf. Married and have two pure bred mutts. Passion: Sports, New Technology and Clay Shooting. Favorite Food: Hibachi

Jonathan Cortes

Web Developer
Interesting fact: Have trained with a local SWAT team on CQB and received an award for it too!
Passion: Love Star Wars Stuff (Everything)
Favorite food: Hot Wings!

Our Values

We believe who you are matters as much as the results you produce. That’s why our Miami digital marketing agency has built a team of experts in their crafts who also embody the core values our founders believe in.


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