Digital Marketing for Schools

Some schools can serve only a handful of new students so don’t require extensive marketing, but other schools have multiple locations and many problems that serve a wide age range. Such large schools require a full marketing system that includes automation and integrated content marketing, social media campaigns, and email marketing. In many cases, most schools fall in the middle when it comes to size and needs. 1GS fashions all marketing to fit each school’s individual requirements for enrollment.

1GS focuses on providing six  core services:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing

They use all six  services to effectively drive traffic to your website/social channels. Once at the website, they work towards spurring interest, so the visitor quickly decides. Focus is always on high-quality leads combined with rapid decisions, so clients obtain impressive ROI and know that their marketing investment  has been maximized.

A Deep Understanding of What Montessorians Want

Claudia and Sahil understand that Montessorians want in their school to grow and truly reach its full potential. To achieve such goals, the main objective must always be to reach a wide array of prospective parents to increase enrollment. Digital marketing gives your school the edge it needs. A strong strategy creates a firm foundation. To achieve this, the entire digital marketing plan must work like a well-oiled machine with consistent new leads to keep the school thriving.

The Importance of a Montessori Website

A Montessori website that is effective is crucial. It must attract new families while keeping current families well-informed of all upcoming events and more. A website is also a crucial tool in marketing for any Montessori school. With a correctly tailored site, the school will spring to the forefront for prospective parents and helps promote enrollment.

The Goals of 1GS

At 1GS, we strive to meet and exceed all goals

  • Drive the right clients to the school’s website
  • Generate leads
  • Specialize in building high-quality performance campaigns
  • Increase ROI
  • Attract interested consumers
  • Optimize variable such as keywords, ad copy, mobile/pc
  • Target the audience
  • Create blogs, webpage copy, newsletters, landing pages, videos and more
  • Provide the website with credibility
  • Nurture prospects
  • Increase SEO ratings
  • Drive targeted organic traffic
  • Satisfaction  guarantee
  • Build social media presence by engaging with social followers
  • Create content daily for social channels

Montessori Website Design

A website is a Montessori school’s most visible and valuable marketing asset. It is like the front door – the first impression of the school, so it must reflect the quality of the establishment while introducing the faculty, administration, curriculum, and facility.

A successful Montessori website helps prospective parents understand what sets the school apart, especially if they are unfamiliar with the Montessori method’s value and how it is different than state-funded, standard education programs. Prospective parents learn about the school and are hopefully persuaded to visit the premises. The website should encourage high conversion rates.

Montessori Website Needs

1GS understands the needs of Montessori schools:

  • Mobile-friendly/responsive: Nowadays about half of all traffic comes from visitors using their mobile devices and that trend is going to continue to increase. Google indexes all mobile versions of websites which is why a mobile version of any Montessori school is so important.
  • Speeds Matters: Test the website’s speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. A slow website automatically causes a bad user experience and the visitor leaves. Page speed matters!
  • Appearance: All humans are visual. If a school’s website boasts beautiful graphics and photos then visitors will be encouraged to stay on the website and explore the faculty, school, and curriculum information.
  • Testimonials: Schools should proudly publish testimonials of current parents on their website. Testimonial pages often receive a great deal of traffic which indicates that they have value. Google reviews are also important because they appear in local search results and bring in local traffic who want to explore the school’s information.
  • Conversions: The goal of all Montessori schools is to encourage prospective parents to reach out and contact the school to schedule a tour. landing pages, optimized contact pages, and powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) are all crucial.

Please contact 1GS to learn more about our customized solutions and set up a call with an inbound marketing expert here.


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