European Firm’s new US-Based website and email marketing campaigns results in 750K projected new revenue in 12 months

IMS reached out to 1GS to conduct a market and competitive analysis of the wastewater treatment industry in the United States and identify direct competitors. They had previously been focused on selling throughout Latin America but wanted to expand into the US market.

The results from the projects showed that 5 industries would be best to target in the US. Mobile Home Parks, Workforce housing, Military camps and bases, national parks, and independent hotels.

We also assisted IMS in gaining exposure with the Mission and Installation Contracting Command, the department in charge of all military bases.

We then created a 12-month Marketing and Sales plan for IMS to introduce their Waste Water Treatment Plants into the US market.

Our digital marketing plan included a combination of google/FB ads, a targeted email marketing campaign, and SEO.

Our sales plan included creating a documented sales process, identifying which software to use to maximize efficiency, and creating sales collateral (decks, one-pagers).

In less than 12 months, IMS now has numerous deals in the pipeline and is set to close over $750K dollars in sales in Year 1, with a projected $2M in sales by end of Year 2. 

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