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Welcome to 1GS Digital Agency, where we’re leading the AI Revolution in marketing with game-changing automated scheduling solutions, proven brand expansion strategies, and long-term, organic lead generation for all industries. Montessori schools, law firms, and commercial and individual insurance agencies continue to scale their businesses using our custom lead generation systems, now supercharged with ChatGPT and Woosender. 

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You’re facing challenges similar to other B2B & B2C companies before they came to us seeking to build their brand, social media management, website creation, SEO services and lead generation for B2B & B2C companies.
You’re tired of paying too much for poor leads. You’ve wasted money and time on the false promises of other digital marketing agencies.

Here’s what our clients have said about achieving their goals with the 1GS team.

Lead Generation for B2B & B2C Companies

Generate your own leads with a lead generation system.

Choose the Lead Gen plan best suited for your current growth strategy.



+ 20% of ad budget

$1,500/mo ad spend

Ad Setup and Management




+ ad budget

The perfect full funnel solution for solopreneurs in the B2C space.



 + ad budget

Lead gen solutions ideal for B2B companies.


$12k /mo

+ ad budget

Ad Setup and Management

*In the first month, there might be additional fees based on the time and expertise needed to integrate with your current systems, develop new systems, enhance existing campaigns, and carry out necessary corrections or upgrades. The specific rate for month 1 will be provided during our initial conversation with you.

See for yourself.

Discover how other B2B & B2C companies generate hundreds of qualified leads per month.

Agency Marketing Challenges?

We Implement Customized
B2B & B2C Lead Gen Solutions

More Leads

Drive ideal traffic to your website, generate leads, nurture prospects with a full funnel, digital marketing lead generation system for your B2B or B2C company. 

More Sales

Convert more leads into sales with a curated content management plan for your insurance agency. 1GS’ full funnel digital marketing for B2B or B2C company keeps you top of mind with integrated CRM and email nurture automations.

More Profits

Whether you own a B2C or B2B company, you’ll scale your business with proven marketing strategies that generate hundreds of inbound leads per month.

Don't waste another dime.

Grow your B2B or B2C company with your own full funnel digital marketing strategy.

B2B & B2C Marketing Solutions

Flood your appointment book with a full funnel digital marketing solution. That’s what we build for B2B & B2C businesses. We’ll drive traffic using top of funnel solutions like paid social media marketing, content creation, Google PPC, LinkedIn connections, etc. Then we’ll nurture prospects and re-market to web visitors with paid remarketing ads and drip email sequences. All with the goal of converting prospects into qualified appointments for your B2B or B2C company.

The following services are included in most of the lead generation systems we build for B2B or B2C company.

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Paid Ads

The best lead generation strategy for B2B or B2C company uses digital ad platforms to drive traffic and conversions to a custom landing page where qualified prospects book appointments with you. All of our B2B & B2C marketing solutions incorporate digital ads.

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Google PPC

Google PPC for B2B & B2C marketing can be powerful and pricey for the inexperienced. Schedule a call with us to see how B2B & B2C companies generate thousands of leads with PPC management services provided by 1GS.

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Harness the power of promoting your insurance solutions to professionals on LinkedIn. Our top B2B & B2C lead gen systems send hundreds of connections weekly to your target audience on LinkedIn, booking appointments and filling your email nurture pipeline.

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Social Media Management

Stay top of mind with your prospects and customers with social media management for B2B & B2C companies. Using in-house, U.S. based copywriters, we craft, design and schedule social media posts several times per week to bolster your insurance practice.

best lead gen solution for insurance agents image website build


If you don't have a web presence, what do you have? 1GS's team of experts will build you a high converting website (or improve your current site) to generate leads for your B2B or B2C company.

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Which keywords are leading prospects to discover your website on search engines? Do you know? By performing comprehensive audits on your (and your competitor's) web presence, we'll improve your organic traffic with an SEO solution for your B2B or B2C company.

Risk Free Guarantee

Many agencies make a lot of promises, but our Miami digital marketing agency follows through and delivers. That’s why we offer a risk free guarantee with our full funnel digital marketing for B2B or B2C company. If your custom lead generation system doesn’t produce the number of leads we guarantee, we’ll continue running your campaign for free until it does. That’s how we maintain long-term relationship with our clients and why our retention rate is over 95%.

You have nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?

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$20k setup, $12k/mo + ad budget (12 mo agreement)

Full funnel lead gen system + complete website build.

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