Learn 5 SIMPLE Ways to Use Video Content for Better Results

Keeping a competitive edge in your market requires some ingenious ways to stay relevant. Whether that’s SEO, Facebook ads, or even personal blogs, your site’s users are seeking engagement with your business. What better way to get engagement than with video content?

Learn 5 simple ways you can use video content today for better engagement, more leads, and more conversions.

5 Beginner-Friendly Video Content Strategies

There’s nothing more confusing than shooting video without some knowledge of video production. As a business owner, your schedule will already be full of high-priority tasks. You don’t have the time to learn how to create production-level videos!

But there’s still a way! Immerse yourself into video with these beginner-friendly marketing strategies.

Social Media “Stories”

They’re quick. They’re snappy. They’re everything you need to fit into your schedule. Social media stories are vertical videos that last 24 hours, giving you the opportunity to keep your audience engaged with short spurts of information.

Because they’re mobile-first videos, you’ll be able to provide an immersive experience all from your audience’s hand. Not to mention the high level of user engagement each platform provides! Statista reports that the top-ranking apps for daily user engagement as of June 2020 were:

  • Facebook: 62.5%
  • Instagram: 61%
  • Snapchat: 55.4%
  • Tik Tok: 47.4%

Use stories as a way to create simple but effective content keeping audiences updated and engaged. With their high engagement potential, low-difficulty application, stories are a perfect way to immerse yourself into a video marketing strategy.

Live Q & A

For those of you who love being in front of the camera, Live Q&A’s give you the personal approach you need to excite your audience. Live Q&As are online, live sessions that allow attendees to ask questions to a host ready to respond.

Of course, it requires a little more thought than a pre-recorded video. Are you looking to do a Q&A about your services? An event? A campaign?

Creating the perfect Q&A that guarantees conversions can be a little tricky. Keep in mind that your Q&A’s should always consider these essential points:

  • Create the Proper Infrastructure:
    • Don’t skimp on the basics. Have a good quality camera, microphones, fast-running internet on a powerful computer, and the proper accommodations for hosts and guests.
  • Plan the topics with careful consideration.
  • Develop a list of potential questions to prepare yourself.
  • Promote through the appropriate channels. (Think email, newsletters, and online messengers.)
  • Choose a streaming platform that suits your audience.
  • Test your live session BEFORE you conduct a Q&A!

While you don’t get the quick production of social media stories, Q&A’s provide the unique opportunity to meet your audience directly! Your careful thought and consideration won’t go unnoticed.

Video Testimonials

Not sure if you’re ready to be in front of the camera? Dive into video testimonials! Promote the best your services or product have to offer with live video testimonials.

The flexibility of video testimonials allows you to engage with your clients in a unique way. Ask your top clients if they could share their experience with your service through video. Having proof that your product meets your audience’s needs gives them the confidence to convert to your service or product.

What’s even better is the ability to apply the video to multiple platforms, from your landing page to your social media. Use the flexibility of video testimonials to produce video content that’s genuine.

Product Demo Video

A cousin of video testimonials, product demo videos give your potential user an inside look as to how your product or service works. Video demonstrations are especially helpful for moving your client from one stage of a sales funnel to the next.

Changing your potential user’s stage, such as a stage of awareness to interest, means creating a strategy confronting users’ needs. Consider the use of these types of product demos for your next video content strategy:

  • Top of Funnel (Awareness to Interest): Create a brief demo to promote essential highlights.
  • Middle of Funnel (Interest to Decision): Create an overview demo to describe abilities.
  • Bottom of Funnel (Decision to Action)l: Create a full demo video to explore functions.

When you recognize your user’s stage, your product demo videos will be that much stronger in pushing conversions and engagement.

Video Emails

Emails are another direct way to engage existing users. In fact, with emails having a 40% better conversion rate to Facebook and Twitter, your users are looking to you to update them about the best deals, promotions, and news!

Email is a prime opportunity to interact with your existing audience. By upselling through video, you’ll have a 60-70% higher probability of converting your existing users to more of your services.

Because they’ll take the time to watch your videos, a loyal audience will feel video emails are less intrusive than would potential customers. Take the time to deepen the connection with your clientele base on a regular basis through this effective tool.

You’ll find that video content can take on any format at any level of expertise. Take on any of these formats and you’ll soon find you’re scaling at a much faster rate than expected. Needing more info on leveraging video for your specific industry?


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