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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say.

Addison Hicks

“Sahil and the 1GS team are fantastic at what they do! I’ve never worked with someone who is as high-touch and caring as he is. He is excellent at communication. It’s like outsourcing a CMO and the entire marketing team to help you follow up with leads! We love his attention and ability to teach.”

Eduard Kotlyarov Jr.

“I’m really liking the content that I am approving for my profiles. No changes on anything. Keep up the great work to increase my social media presence!”

Bryan Covan

“Very Happy!! We are getting more calls from people that are looking us up on the net. We have had a very bad agency experience in the past, so I thank you for doing what you said you would do!”

Jonathan Kono

“Just wanted to tell you that I closed a customer that found our website on Bing. He typed in “white papers” and my site was the first one that appeared on the organic list. I wasn’t sold on SEO and blogs together working, but now I am!!! This is my first confirmed piece of business ever via Bing! Thank you so much 1GS for all the work. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Susan Forta

“Yes! B2B Marketing works if done right. We are in first place, can’t beat that. 2 of my very active clients came from the search. It’s paying off. Thank you so much for the great work. Keep it up!!!”

Falcon Harris

“We just closed another deal putting us at an unbelievable conversion ratio of 11% with our PPC Campaign. It’s amazing. And my hearts beating fast looking at the new site!!!! It looks so GOOD!”

Larry Cordova

“Wow! Another great report with strong improvement! Thank you 1GS for all your help. Do a google search on “car donation” right now. We are number 2 for that word. Thanks again for everything!”

Stacy Johnson

“Both my husband and I are very pleased with Claudia, and the entire 1GS teams’ dedication to help our business get new enrollments. Small businesses are in a tough situation and I am glad to have great business partners like you and Claudia.”

Diana Darmawaskita

“To survive the pandemic, I needed to hire a new marketing company and found 1GS Marketing Agency. […] They immediately went to work and focused on driving results for our business. Since I have 1GS, our enrollment has increased by 45% in 6 months, and we are now at 80% of our total capacity at one of our school campuses. Our business is not only surviving the pandemic but also thriving!”

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