Trust and Relatability: Helping your Customers Get to Know Your Insurance Brokerage

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“What’s the most important thing about insurance? Do I want the cheapest insurance? What’s the best insurance? How much does my insurance cover? What insurance company has the best customer service?”

Notice how that list contains questions with objective and subjective answers. Advertising your competitive prices and the amount of coverage you offer is essential to garnering new customers, but so is establishing a feeling of trust. Emotional appeals can remind your audience of the humans behind your company and help them connect with you in a personal way. Communicating authentically with your customers can also make them more receptive to your future messaging!

Let’s talk about some key ways you could start building a relationship with your audience to find new customers and maintain existing ones.

Offering free information

This is a big one.

According to Forbes, the average American sees anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. In today’s crowded advertising market, it’s not enough to simply inform customers about the existence of your company. How do you make your advertising stand out and build insurance brand awareness?

Offer your audience something they can use: knowledge.

Whether it’s a guide on how to choose the best insurance plan or a quick post on road trip health tips, this information might benefit your customers in their everyday life. And the best part, from their perspective, is that you’re offering it free of charge. The only thing they need to offer you in exchange is their attention, which they’ll gladly give to something they feel is important or relevant to them.

In the long run, this simple process can help establish your brand as a thought leader in the eyes of your audience, making you a trustworthy source of information. When it comes time for a customer to start researching for a new insurance plan and they have no clue where to start, your brand could come to mind.

Maintaining a regularly-updated social media presence

Imagine this: you’re researching insurance brokerages to find a new plan. You look up “affordable health insurance” and check out the social media pages of two companies to see what other people are saying about them. One company has a robust, frequently updated page with two years of posts and plenty of comments, while the other hasn’t been updated in three months and has no recent comments.

For most people, the first brokerage “feels” more legitimate than the second. Firstly, an active social media page makes a company feel prosperous, which indicates that they’re successful and they have a sound product. Second, many people are very hesitant — rightfully! — to trust internet-based sources. What if a scammer created a lookalike page to trick people into divulging personal information? It happens more often than you might think.

One of the telltale signs of these phony lookalike pages is a sparseness of content. Scammers put only as much effort into these pages as needed to get people to click on them. If your page is well-established with a healthy amount of followers and weekly posts, customers can easily determine which page is yours. Plus, if you’ve got a wealth of information on your page, customers might just stick around to learn something!

Establishing a clear line of communication

Social media is a form of communication that sits at the center point between professional and casual. You can use comments and messaging to connect with audience members directly, either by answering questions or prompting responses. Responding to direct questions about your product from customers can help them understand the benefits of working with you. This can also remind your audience that you’re more than a logo.

Moreover, the conversations in your comment sections can act as advertising all on their own. Other users can see how cordially and thoroughly you engaged with the question, which could encourage them to ask their own questions.

All of this can communicate to your audience that your brokerage is friendly and personable. This can make a big difference when those users start thinking about a new insurance plan!

Overwhelmed? 1GS can help.

Maintaining your social media can be a lot of extra work when you’re also running your brokerage. 1GS specializes in optimizing your online presence so that potential customers understand the personal touch your brokerage provides.

Interested in learning more? Check out this testimonial from a client of ours and contact us through our website. We can’t wait to get started.


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