3 B2B Insurance Agency Success Stories

In the competitive world of insurance, standing out and reaching the right audience can be a challenging task. However, with the right strategies and partners, B2B insurance agencies can not only find their target audience but also achieve remarkable success. 

Let’s dive into 3 recent B2B insurance agency success stories, powered by 1GS’s full-funnel marketing solutions. 


Case Study 1:

10X ROI for B2B Employee Benefits Insurance Agency 

The Challenge: The Agency Insurance Group was on the hunt for an effective B2B insurance marketing strategy to engage with their target prospects. Past efforts had fallen short, and they needed a comprehensive approach that covered the entire sales funnel. 

The Solution: 1GS implemented its Advanced Solution, crafting a sophisticated B2B marketing funnel focused on engaging CEOs of mid-sized companies. The strategy involved an automated sequence of connection messages on LinkedIn, followed by transitioning connections into a carefully crafted email nurturing sequence. 

The Results: The campaign yielded remarkable results, with connection rates exceeding 30%! The agency secured more than 10 new appointments, leading to a substantial 6-figure deal within just 90 days. This outstanding outcome translated to a remarkable 10x+ ROI, leaving the client thoroughly satisfied with the partnership. 


Case Study 2: 31 B2B Leads in 60 Days for Employee Benefits Company 

The Challenge: KBI Benefits faced the challenge of growing their employee benefits agency in a competitive market. Seeking a consolidated and effective approach, they turned to 1GS to enhance their outbound, inbound, and nurturing efforts. 

The Solution: 1GS implemented an Advanced Lead Gen Solution, designing a robust insurance B2B marketing funnel. This multifaceted strategy leveraged LinkedIn outreach, optimized PPC campaigns, and top-tier SEO services to engage their target audience. Prospects were nurtured through compelling email sequences and cross-device remarketing display ads. 

The Results: Within an astonishing 60 days, the agency witnessed a surge in leads, securing appointments and engagement from 31 companies across various channels. The PPC campaign and landing pages boasted an impressive conversion rate of 5.36%, achieved at an average cost per conversion of $138. 


Case Study 3: 1400 Qualified Commercial Insurance Prospects In 60 Days 

The Challenge: Phil Klein Insurance Group aimed to bolster their commercial insurance sector and generate consistent, qualified conversations with prospects. They needed a comprehensive solution to achieve this objective. 

The Solution: 1GS introduced their Advanced Lead Gen Solution once again, building a robust insurance B2B marketing funnel. This approach involved engaging CEOs of mid-sized companies on LinkedIn, migrating prospects into the CRM, and harnessing the power of SEO to drive organic search traffic. 

The Results: The results were impressive – over 1400 qualified prospects generated in just 60 days, along with productive meetings. The agency’s online visibility soared, ranking for 177 keywords within the same timeframe. Their LinkedIn presence flourished as well, with hundreds of meaningful business connections and conversations weekly. 


Partnering for Success with 1GS 

These are just the beginning – we’ve helped dozens of other companies fill their sales pipelines with qualified, interested prospects. By tailoring comprehensive marketing solutions to address the entire sales funnel, 1GS has consistently delivered exceptional results. 

Whether you’re aiming for a 10x ROI, a surge in leads, or a vast pool of qualified prospects, we’re ready to help. Speak with a 1GS agent today to start developing your B2B insurance company’s marketing strategy. Your success story could be the next one on our list! 


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