Automate Lead Generation & Appointment Scheduling with WooSender

1GS is proud to partner with WooSender to provide you with the latest, greatest advancement in the AI revolution that’s used and trusted by the U.S. military! We take care of setup and optimization, and you focus on talking to interested prospects.
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Meet WooSender, Your AI Scheduling Assistant

WooSender is an all-in-one platform that allows you to nurture prospects via multiple channels, including SMS and email, and schedule appointments faster using customizable AI responses. Using this service, your business can nurture tens of thousands of prospects in a few months!

Don’t waste time running down a list of names and calling every one of them to verify information and interest in your service. WooSender takes care of nurturing potential prospects and booking appointments so your sales team can focus on converting those prospects into clients.

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How Does
WooSender Work?

WooSender is a highly intelligent AI language model that nurtures prospects by reading the intent of the prospects’ message and providing the best possible response from a pool of customizable follow-up messages. The platform’s main goal is to qualify and book meetings with prospects, leads and contacts. 

When you work with 1GS, we set the system up on your behalf with custom messaging and optimized automation setups that are proven to maximize engagement.

WooSender compiles all of the messages from the conversation into a single chat thread, allowing you to track the conversation easily and quickly. WooSender will never lie or provide inaccurate information, so if the AI is unable to understand a prospect’s response, the system will alert you to assist in responding.

WooSender connects directly to your preferred calendar app to check your availability and schedules interested prospects accordingly. Just make sure you’ve got the time to handle all your new meetings!

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How to Use WooSender

When you partner with 1GS, we use our extensive knowledge of this software to set up and maintain your automations on your behalf. Once this initial step is complete, the system automatically begins sending messages at assigned intervals.

WooSender is semi-autonomous, meaning that it will require some oversight for the most optimal outcomes. For example, if WooSender doesn’t understand the intent of a prospect’s message, the automation will pause and alert you to take action. We recommend that 1 personnel frequently review WooSender throughout the working day to support the software and follow up on conversations as necessary. Using this software, a single team member can do the work of multiple salespeople!

More Sales, More Meetings, Less Investment

Unlock the power of WooSender with 1GS partnership! Experience increased sales and meetings while minimizing investment with our expert support and optimized automations.

Cost Savings

Partnering with 1GS eliminates the $5,000 upfront setup cost, saving you significant initial investment. You only pay the monthly subscription fee, reducing financial burden and allowing for easier budget planning.

Expert Support

Gain access to constant support from our AI experts, ensuring prompt assistance for any edits or issues. Benefit from the expertise of our team, who will monitor and optimize your campaigns regularly.

Optimized Automations

Let our experienced team build your automations, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the software. Receive a highly optimized automation right from the start, saving time and ensuring efficient processes without the need for trial and error.

Join 12,000+ Happy Customers


AI appointment generation proves advantageous for both B2C and B2B companies. Whether you operate as a solo entrepreneur or lead a team of hundreds, leveraging AI for appointment scheduling can significantly streamline your processes. By automating tasks, you not only save valuable time and resources spent on prospecting but also enhance your ability to engage with highly qualified prospects. This solution is tailored to benefit businesses of all sizes, offering efficiency and effectiveness in meeting your objectives.

Companies benefiting from a an AI system include:

  • Insurance agents and agencies (B2C & B2B)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Law Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • SaaS Providers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Tech Providers
  • Office Supplies
  • HR & Staffing
  • Solar Installers
  • Roofing Companies
  • Home Service providers

Discover the transformative potential of AI appointment generation.

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How much is an appointment worth to you?

When considering the cost of an appointment gen solution, ponder this: the expenses associated with hiring Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Virtual Assistants (VAs), and appointment setters can accumulate substantially. However, our system delivers the equivalent output of onboarding an additional 3-5 sales professionals, all at a significantly lower cost and with minimal risk to you. Opting for an AI appointment setting service not only leads to substantial savings in operating costs but also eliminates the risk of human error. It’s genuinely a fantastic deal!

For a comprehensive breakdown of pricing and to experience the benefits firsthand, we encourage you to book a demo or reach out to us. We’re here to furnish the information you need for a well-informed decision.

You sure can! That is, if you want to pay a $5,000 setup and $2,000+ per month to use their platform, leaving you to integrate, manage and optimize everything on your own.

The benefit to this AI appointment booking solution with 1GS is we set it up, manage and optimize it on your behalf. 

Some programs do not require an agreement. We can discuss on a call or on your demo. 

The number of appointments generated is directly correlated with the volume of prospects and leads you input into the system. Higher input volume typically results in a higher output of appointments.

We can dive deeper into this on our call.

To ensure success in this AI appointment setting campaign, clients who experience the most favorable outcomes generally have existing prospecting/lead lists, which significantly energize the campaign. Depending on your specific target audience, you or your staff may need to allocate some time each day to respond to inquiries and address questions from leads within the chat platform. This proactive engagement enhances the effectiveness of the campaign and contributes to a more successful outcome.

See for yourself.

Discover how thousands of other companies generate hundreds of qualified appointments per month.

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