Best Social Media Content for Insurance Agents

There are around 4.48 BILLION social media users worldwide as of 2021.

That means it’s easier than ever for insurance agencies to reach their target audiences. Of course, that also leaves the burning question: “What should an insurance agency post on social media?”

Let’s get into it.

Informative posts about the insurance industry

It’s no secret that the insurance industry is complicated. From the terminology to the wide range of plan types, your audience may have no idea where to start when looking for a new plan.

Give your audience the latest on the insurance industry with bite-sized information chunks right on their social media feed.

TIP: Regular posting can help you become a recognizable presence in your audience’s minds, which can help you generate insurance leads when they eventually need your service. 

Valuable posts about healthy living

The wellness industry has shown impressive growth in the past 5 years and shows no signs of stopping. Offer your audience what they’re looking for — healthy living tips. These tips could range from the doctor-recommended amount of exercise you should get in a week to tips for staying healthy in the winter.

Living a healthy life is valuable on its own, but good health can also help your audience save money on their future medical bills. You could improve your organic SEO by answering frequently-asked questions your audience might already have.

TIP: Where your posting matters! Certain age demographics prefer different platforms, so tailoring your advertising to each platform can help to increase engagement with your target audience.

Relatable posts about saving money

Everyone loves saving money. And with your help, your audience could find the best deals on the services they need.

You could offer general money-saving tips (like the healthy living posts above), but you can really cement your company in the audience’s minds by offering something specific to your company. This could include a customizable plan that keeps the premium low or a reduced rate for a gym membership.

TIP: Marketing is an investment, and you get what you give. Stand out in your audience’s minds with creative money-saving offers.


Social media is only the top of the funnel. Having a robust presence is essential for brand awareness and relatability, but the next step is nurturing those potential leads until they’re paying customers. 

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