Family Law and Personal Injury Practice receives 192 leads at a CPL of $128 and 220% increase in organic traffic

Eric Alan Berg & Associates, a criminal defense, personal injury and family law practice, came to us for SEO & Lead generation services in February of 2018, canceled services in June 2018, and then resumed services again in March 2019. This case study will observe organic traffic growth during active services and discuss the ranking losses that are associated with cancellation and how the lead generation campaign performed. All data below was collected via the website’s Google Analytics account.

Organic Traffic Growth

Using results-driven content optimization, we ran a successful SEO campaign for Berg & Associates. Traffic increased steadily for more than 6 months up to the point of cancellation.

After discontinuing SEO services in June 2018, traffic to the Berg & Associates website started to drop in August 2018 through February 2019.

Traffic Loss after Cancellation

Restoring Services

In March 2019, Berg & Associates resumed SEO services. Our team worked to reimplement and refine keyword optimization, link building, and other technical elements. By the end of May, we had recovered some of the lost traffic and keyword rankings.


The SEO campaign is currently ongoing, and it will take time to fully recover the traffic that was lost when services were paused. Seasonality and other variables can affect traffic trends, but our SEO campaign will eventually recover the traffic losses.

Overall, this case study shows how quickly progress is lost when a successful SEO campaign is canceled. Once our ongoing SEO work stopped, organic traffic for Berg & Associates dropped from a high of 403 users to a low of 149 users in the course of 5 months.

SEO has always been a long-term marketing strategy, but it is a strategy that can pay off immensely with the right optimization and with enough time.

The results of the PPC campaign are for the 3 months running it, we lowered their CPL from $172.50 to $128.64, generating 192 leads where 95% were live phone calls from potential clients. Our conversion ratio was 53%. Below is a 2-week snapshot.

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