Milam Law Firm is a Georgia law firm quickly becoming the next source for personal injury law. How did this once small-town firm become a competitive digital power brand? Learn how 1GS faced their challenges, provide solutions, and the end results below.

We began working with Milam Law in February 2021. Philip Milam serves the community of Buford, Georgia, for well over 26 years! His personal injury expertise helped thousands of cases involving autos, pedestrians, and more.

But to even expand!

The Challenges Milam Was Facing:

For a long time, most of Philip Milam law’s clients came from referrals and word of mouth. But big competitors were coming into the area.  Many began leveraging massive ad budgets to spread across social media.

Meaning the pipeline of clients was coming to a dry, sputtering halt.

 Philip knew he had to transform his digital presence to meet his prospects online.

But years of experience didn’t prepare him for the ins and outs of digital marketing. That is where our team at 1GS Digital Agency came in with our Law Firm Marketing System.


Our Law Firm Growth System Solution & Results

Our Law Firm Growth System is customizable to fit any law firm client’s budget, goals, and unique personality. We focus on three main areas:

  1. Ideal Client Profile Analysis and Buyer Persona Creation
  2. Website Audit
  3. Social Media Audit

We took a deep dive to understand who Philip Milam’s ideal clients are. And where we could find them online. The more information we extracted, the better prepared we were to utilize spending!

Once we understood who his ideal client was, we needed to build a website that spoke to his audience.

Website Audit And Creation

Website Design

Milam Law Firm’s new look represents clean lines with contrasting colors of blue and yellow and gold. But aside from the color scheme was the idea of an easier-to-understand user interface.

Scrolling through, you’ll notice a simple layout separated by small mallets. And each body of the text is only large enough to get vital information out.

It was more about introducing Philip Milam and his values. Rather than being sold services, we sold the promise of law being practiced for the sake of integrity. Not for your money.

Website Tracking

With the user interface improved, we witnessed the growth of Milam Law online. From July 1st to September 30th, 2021, Milam Law firm saw:

    • 469 visits, 100% being new users.
    • A bounce Rate of approx 60%

Website Comparison

Website Before:

*It was one simple long landing page

Website After:

Now we needed to get Milam Law’s new look noticed. So how did we do that? By crafting a profitable SEO Plan.

Website SEO

SEO is many things. It’s keyword research. It’s backlinking efforts. It’s a transformative process that connects you and your brand to your audience. So we began this process for Milam Law with something simple: keyword research.

Our keywords suggestion list comes from extensive research. We find what words work with your local area. And what your audience would be looking for in all situations.

Over the next few months, we observed Milam’s rankings. We consistently tailored each page to a specific keyword. By creating a system to track these changes, we were able to create a tailored keyword strategy. One that resulted in first-page recognition for the following keywords:

  • 18 wheeler accident lawyer
  • 18 wheeler lawyer
  • 18 wheeler wreck lawyer
  • accident attorney
  • accident lawyer
  • auto wreck injury attorney
  • auto wreck lawyer
  • bicycle accident lawyer
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  • car accident injury attorney
  • car accident lawyer
  • car collision lawyer
  • car wreck attorney
  • car wreck lawyer
  • commercial truck accident lawyer
  • drunk driving accident lawyer
  • dui accident lawyer
  • dui car collision lawyer
  • injury attorney
  • injury law firm
  • mediation
  • mediation services
  • motorcycle accident attorney
  • motorcycle accident crash attorney
  • motorcycle accident injury attorney
  • negligence attorney
  • negligence lawsuits
  • pain and suffering law firm
  • pain attorney
  • personal injury attorney
  • personal injury law firm
  • personal injury lawyer
  • personal injury mediation
  • pi lawyer
  • suffering attorney
  • traumatic brain injury attorney
  • truck accident lawyer
  • truck lawyer
  • truck wreck lawyer
  • wrongful death attorney
  • wrongful death lawsuit

Lead Generation Plan

In order to build on the momentum we created, Milam Law firm needed a new google ads campaign

Our PPC campaign services entail:

  • Audience tailoring
  • Multiple copy drafts
  • Variety of designs
  • Advanced geotargeting

We found the right audience. Geo-Targeted the correct locations. Created a unique, professional design. And within the past 15 days, he received over 10 quality leads at $110 per lead. Which is fantastic for his area.

Lastly, we needed to create massive brand awareness concentrated in his town of Buford, GA.

Social Media Management

Our strategy for social media involves LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Each profile aims at offering a mix of educational and service content. We wanted to evoke a professional lawyer, with a loyal personality. And being a Georgia law firm, we needed to keep the content relevant to his audience.

That’s where our style guides and social media strategy come in.

Style Guide

Our clients receive a social media style guide to construct the right content for the right audience. We find that guides make it possible for you to direct how you want your brand to be presented. Each guide focuses on:

  • Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Font use and size
  • Acceptable Logo size and use
  • Logo Variations
  • Style Inspirations
  • Focus Keywords
  • Brand voice
  • And more!

By covering these bases, we were able to see Milam Law Firm’s followers and impressions grow!

*Social Media Results From July 1st, 2021 – October 1st, 2021 on Facebook Business Suite of Milam Law

*Boosted Post Results

As part of our Social Media Services, we boost specific posts to a target audience. Boosting pots is a simple strategy that can increase your reach to new prospects in your area. Something we find that’s been able to increase our client’s visibility almost instantly.

From this data, we create custom audiences. Find out these audiences does one important thing. It lowers your costs!

Each audience makes it easier to maneuver your lead generation efforts. Meaning you wont find yourself spending unecessary costs for unwanted leads.

And in the case of Milam law, we spent $15 dollars! What could you expect from that?

In this case, approximately 1,600 new interactions with Milam Law!


We are proud to be working with Milam Law, in Buford GA, launching them into the world of digital marketing, and helping them beat their local competition. From social media to brand design, to Lead Generation; our team of 9, with over 65 years of combined marketing and sales experience, is your law firm marketing partner to help you get the best cases consistently in your local market without a massive marketing budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Law Firm Growth System, and it can be tailored to your law firm, schedule your FREE consultation with our marketing specialist below.

We’re excited to see how we can help you become our next success story.