Inbound Lead Generation System generating 15+ Qualified leads monthly for Personal Injury Attorney

  • Having quality health insurance to protect your family is never a question. Unless you’re asking yourself a million questions the moment you apply.
  • First Family Insurance in Coral Springs, FL is ready to answer whatever question you may have. And has been doing so for the past 10 years! But transitioning from cold calls to online leads was new territory for them.
  • Discover how this florida insurance provider became a top online insurance resource. All with a bit of help from 1GS Digital Agency.

What was their challenge?

They knew that being a Florida insurance provider meant obtaining leads. But cold calls weren’t bringing in the results they desired. They were needing a strategy that incorporated these 3 things:

Their ultimate end goal?

Receive 100+ qualified leads per month.

Solution: Our Insurance Brokerage Growth System

Our 1GS Insurance Brokerage Growth System creates an end-to-end system easily tailored to your brand’s needs. Whether you desire brand awareness or lead generation, we’ll create the perfect customer journey. Read on to see how we incorporate vital elements your brand needs to be a success story.

Website/UX Design

Sometimes we encounter a brand that already has a strong image in mind. You may find you hardly want any changes at all.

That’s why we work with your brand’s image, only impacting the elements you want to be changed.

When First Family Insurance CS contacted us, their brand was set to go. The logo was established. The colors were selected. But something was missing…

A unique website of their own.

Our inspiration from the logo allowed us to follow a familiar look, with a touch of ingenuity. Take a look at how we created their website with a structured guideline.

Creating a Brand Guideline

The easiest methods are sometimes all you need to begin seeing growth. We start with brand guidelines to set a standard that can be easily replicated. Your typical brand guideline performs 4 essential functions:

– Establish an online voice
– Create a consistent look
– Save time in producing content online
– Recognition

First Family Insurance had material to fall back on when creating their guideline.

Their bright yellow and green colors give a refreshing, bold look. This contrasts the neutral tones insurance companies are known for.

Simple icons, strong text, and a user-friendly design made it easy to read about First Family Insurance’s plans.

Most importantly it was memorable.

Now we needed to keep it at the forefront of our client’s minds. SEO was our next step.

Check out our achievements with FFI’s SEO.

Now Enter… SEO

Every client we work with is provided research and SEO suggestions right from the start. First Family Insurance CS was no different.

Being a top competitor in the insurance industry has its difficulties. To compete with recognizable insurance brands, we needed to do something different. That’s why we figured out the right online growth system to get your SEO going.

Our SEO efforts include:

– Keyword Research
– Page Ranking Strategy
– Multiple Search Engine Submissions
– Backlinking from a Variety of Sites

These core efforts make getting your brand on the 1st page of Google possible.
We began evaluating competitors. How did their pages rank? What were their top keywords? What is their page authority? By asking ourselves these questions, we created an SEO strategy using relevant data.

We monitored the results. Improved our system. And reevaluated our strategy periodically. Optimizing every single page with the best SEO practices we offer.

Our results?

First Family Insurance achieved 14 keywords ranked at number 1 in as little as 2 months. Check out how else we impacted their SEO efforts.

Lead Generation Plan

In order to build on the momentum we created, Milam Law firm needed a new google ads campaign

Our PPC campaign services entail:

  • Audience tailoring
  • Multiple copy drafts
  • Variety of designs
  • Advanced geotargeting

We found the right audience. Geo-Targeted the correct locations. Created a unique, professional design. And within the past 15 days, he received over 10 quality leads at $110 per lead. Which is fantastic for his area.

Lastly, we needed to create massive brand awareness concentrated in his town of Buford, GA.

Social Media Management

Our strategy for social media involves LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Each profile aims at offering a mix of educational and service content. We wanted to evoke a professional lawyer, with a loyal personality. And being a Georgia law firm, we needed to keep the content relevant to his audience.

That’s where our style guides and social media strategy come in.

Style Guide

Our clients receive a social media style guide to construct the right content for the right audience. We find that guides make it possible for you to direct how you want your brand to be presented. Each guide focuses on:

  • Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Font use and size
  • Acceptable Logo size and use
  • Logo Variations
  • Style Inspirations
  • Focus Keywords
  • Brand voice
  • And more!

By covering these bases, we were able to see Milam Law Firm’s followers and impressions grow!

*Social Media Results From July 1st, 2021 – October 1st, 2021 on Facebook Business Suite of Milam Law

*Boosted Post Results

As part of our Social Media Services, we boost specific posts to a target audience. Boosting pots is a simple strategy that can increase your reach to new prospects in your area. Something we find that’s been able to increase our client’s visibility almost instantly.

From this data, we create custom audiences. Find out these audiences does one important thing. It lowers your costs!

Each audience makes it easier to maneuver your lead generation efforts. Meaning you wont find yourself spending unecessary costs for unwanted leads.

And in the case of Milam law, we spent $15 dollars! What could you expect from that?

In this case, approximately 1,600 new interactions with Milam Law!


We are proud to be working with Milam Law, in Buford GA, launching them into the world of digital marketing, and helping them beat their local competition. From social media to brand design, to Lead Generation; our team of 9, with over 65 years of combined marketing and sales experience, is your law firm marketing partner to help you get the best cases consistently in your local market without a massive marketing budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Law Firm Growth System, and it can be tailored to your law firm, schedule your FREE consultation with our marketing specialist below.

We’re excited to see how we can help you become our next success story.

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