COBRA – The Insurance Keyword Your Website Should Be Targeting

As an insurance agent, you understand that COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) healthcare benefits are an expensive, limited, and short-term solution for people that have just lost their jobs. Targeting COBRA as a keyword is an excellent way to boost your website’s SEO and get in front of potential clients looking to lower their healthcare costs. In this blog, we will discuss why people searching for COBRA benefits are ideal potential clients and why your insurance offerings are the perfect fit for their needs. Feel free to use this blog as a reference for crafting your own ad copy by demonstrating how your coverage is simply better than COBRA. 


COBRA’s High Premiums and Limited Availability 

One of the major deterrents for COBRA recipients is the high cost of premiums. Without employer subsidies, individuals are responsible for the full premium and administrative fees, leading to significantly higher expenses. As insurance agents, you can emphasize how your company’s plans offer competitive pricing and more value for money, helping clients save on healthcare costs. 

Additionally, COBRA’s coverage period is limited – after this period, clients need to find alternative health insurance options. Your long-term healthcare plans can provide peace of mind by offering continuous coverage for years, ensuring clients have reliable healthcare protection without interruption. 


COBRA’s Inflexible Coverage 

Under COBRA, coverage is tied to the plan offered by the former employer, leaving individuals with little control over their healthcare choices. In contrast, your insurance agency can offer a range of plans tailored to the specific needs of clients. This flexibility allows them to select coverage that aligns with their health requirements, budget, and lifestyle. 

Furthermore, COBRA may not be available to everyone, depending on the size of the employer. As an insurance agent, you can highlight that your plans are accessible to a broader range of individuals, providing solutions for those who may not be eligible for COBRA coverage. 


How do I Start Advertising? 

COBRA is a wide-open keyword – for now. Agents will quickly start realizing that this market niche has yet to be filled and start rushing in to grab that top spot on Google. 

Act fast! Develop your website’s SEO with keyword-rich blogs and copy optimizations. Develop a regular social media cadence so that potential clients get to know your company and understand you’re the experts. Or better yet, take advantage of 1GS’s first month promotion and let us do it for you for no obligation. 

Backend optimizations through SEO experts can also be extremely helpful in improving your rankings for COBRA and COBRA-related keywords. 1GS will audit your website’s SEO and determine the most efficient method of improving your website’s relevant keyword rankings. 

Remember, these methods of lead generation and brand building take time, and the sooner you implement your strategy, the more time it will have to grow and produce results. Think of it like a fruit tree – you’ll get a lot more fruit from a tree planted 10 years ago than one planted a month ago. 



As insurance agents, you are in a prime position to help individuals seeking alternatives to COBRA. By showcasing the benefits of your company’s long-term healthcare plans – affordability, stability, customization, and flexibility – you can attract COBRA recipients searching for a better healthcare solution. Remember that these clients need a reliable and cost-effective option to secure their healthcare needs beyond the short-term coverage provided by COBRA. Position your insurance plans as the perfect solution and reach out to these potential clients seeking a smooth transition to long-term healthcare security. Speak with 1GS strategist today to learn more about improving your rankings for these keywords. 



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