Environmentalism in Advertisements: How a Statement can Elevate Your Brand

Even in our crowded marketing environment, brands don’t need to rack their brains to make their advertising stand out. The best way to get people to listen is to have something important to say.

No matter what product or service you’re offering, we all share something in common with our customers — we’re living together on a planet that needs our help. If your company is ready to offer that help, there’s a growing market of people that want to support your efforts. Let’s look at how green messaging can propel your brand into the limelight.

Cultivating a Feeling of Goodwill with Your Audience…

After the global pandemic forced the world to recluse, many brands are meeting the demand for travel experiences by offering getaway sweepstakes. But these brands simultaneously met another urgent need by theming their nature escapes around sustainability.

Take the beach-themed beer brand Corona. They’ve recently launched a high-profile ad campaign featuring an eco-friendly island getaway.

Though the details are still in the works, the brand is offering an island vacation with constructions made of 100% naturally-sourced materials to minimize their environmental impact. They’re even on track to receive official environmentally-friendly accreditations for their efforts.

Once on the island, visitors may also be able to join in on eco-workshops themed around living without plastic.

Of course, promises are only as good as the entity keeping them. That’s why you can cultivate a genuine feeling of goodwill in your audience…

…By Turning Your Eco-Promises into Reality

The beauty of fulfilling your eco-promises is that you expand your brand’s reach far beyond your typical market, which can vastly increase your market share.

Consider the soda brand Mtn Dew. This sugary drink, which typically markets itself toward young adults and gamers, is aiming to invigorate public interest in the outdoors with what they dub an “outdoor enthusiast’s playground.” PepsiCo has already invested $1.25 million in sustainable outdoor activities in the town of Mountain City, Tennessee, the town from which Mtn Dew takes its name.

Importantly, this isn’t a one-time cash injection for the purposes of a marketing push. The brand is continually funding local efforts to create more green jobs and to maintain the new outdoor activities. This proves to their community — and international fans — that they mean to uphold their eco-promise.

Public goodwill for eco-conscious brands goes a long way to expand your audience.

According to a study down by the marketing analytics company FirstInsight, over two-thirds of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Take advantage of this loyal, built-in market!

Create Lasting, Meaningful Value for Your Customers

If you’re familiar with 1GS, you know we’re always trumpeting value beyond marketing. Ride the momentum of what your customers want. Build your marketing around it. Make your product the key to a lock in the minds of your audience.

In the face of modern-day climate change, eco-promises help empower your audience’s ability to do something about a problem that’s much bigger than them. Many people just don’t know how to react to the realities of climate change, but they still want to help.

That’s where you can come in. Your brand can represent a solution that inspires hope in your audience and provides them with a sense of comfort. You can be the boutique, slightly-more-expensive alternative that audiences prefer.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

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