Fast Insurance Agency Marketing Solutions

With the rapid pace of the internet, it’s crucial for insurance companies to adopt marketing strategies that yield results swiftly. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the fastest digital marketing solutions for insurance agencies, and how 1GS can assist in implementing them. 


1. Connecting with Prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerhouse for B2B networking and lead generation – if you’re looking to sell a B2B product, LinkedIn encourages users to include their job title on the site, allowing you to easily reach out to powerful decision-makers within millions of companies. With 1GS’s proprietary technology, you can access thousands of personal conversations with prospects that align with your ideal client profile. All you have to do is keep the conversation going. 

This highly personalized networking approach can launch within a mere 1-2 weeks of signing up. Imagine having meaningful interactions with potential clients in just a few weeks! To dive deeper into this strategy, consult a 1GS agent today. 


 2. Automatic Emailing Campaigns

Automation is a game-changer when it comes to scaling your insurance agency’s outreach. If you’ve been collecting prospect emails through lead magnets on your website, automated email campaigns can be a game-changer. This strategy involves nurturing your target audience with useful educational emails and special promotions as a means of keeping your brand top-of-mind. Your marketing can become a welcome addition to their inbox! 

1GS takes care of drafting emails, strategizing the cadence, and optimizing the messaging moving forward, leaving you to focus on engaging interested prospects that respond to your CTAs. The setup for an automated email campaign can be completed in as little as 2 weeks and can run indefinitely, continuously nurturing new and current potential leads. To learn more about how this can work for you, have a conversation with a 1GS agent today. 


3. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are an absolute necessity for every insurance company. They are not only cost-effective, but also incredibly effective. 

These ads are served to users who have previously visited your website, appearing as banners on other websites immediately after they navigate away from your site. This ensures that your brand stays in front of potential clients, increasing the likelihood of them revisiting your site when they are ready to make a decision. 1GS handles the visuals, messaging, and setup. In as little as 1-2 weeks, retargeting ads can start bringing people back to your website. Get in touch with a 1GS agent today to discover the potential of retargeting ads for your business. 


4. Website Optimization

Your website is often the first point of contact between potential clients and your insurance agency, and everyone knows how important first impressions are. Therefore, it needs to be in its best shape to convert prospects efficiently. 

The effects of a website refresh are immediate, offering optimal loading times, stronger calls to action (CTAs), better-converting landing pages, and higher keyword density. Depending on the depth of the refresh, this can be accomplished in 1-3 weeks. For older websites that aren’t converting well, a complete rebuild might be worth considering. Reach out to a 1GS agent today and request a free website audit to gauge your website’s current visibility. 


See results faster 

1GS offers a comprehensive suite of digital advertising strategies tailored to suit all budgets, with quick turnaround times that come with dedicated concierge service. We treat every client like you’re the only one.  

Don’t wait; reach out today to create a digital marketing strategy that precisely targets the right people at every stage of the customer journey. Your insurance agency’s growth and success await, and 1GS is here to help you achieve it. 


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