How to Create an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is the equivalent of a sign outside of your digital store. It could be the first impression that new customers have of your business. So how do you design your sign to make the best first impression possible?

This blog discusses the most essential aspects of a landing page that can help you improve customer conversion for your business, including examples of effective landing pages from a variety of industries. 

Create a strong, simple CTA

The CTA, or call to action, is what you’re asking the landing page visitor to do. Your CTA should be short, sweet, and easy to follow.

Once you have the visitor’s attention, explain in simple terms what your company is offering and why they following the CTA could benefit them. For example, 1GS’ Social Media Management page emphasizes the simplicity of the process: “we research and create content, and you continue to scale your business.” Ideally, your CTA should make your audience understand how great your offer is as quickly as possible to encourage them to act right away.


Create a standalone page

If your CTA is under your company’s domain (and it should be), make sure the navigation bar is simple (or nonexistent). Throwing a lot of extra options at the customer can diminish the effectiveness of your landing page. They might click away from the page and not complete the CTA you’re presenting.

The landing page should provide everything they need to follow the CTA so there isn’t a need to navigate away from the page. Provide examples, answer FAQs, and include easy methods of contacting your business if the potential customer has any questions. For example, if you want potential customers to schedule a consultation, your CTA could read, “Sign up for a free consultation with our in-house experts,” followed by a brief form requesting the visitor’s name, number, and email address.

Examples of high-performing landing pages

The average landing page converts at around 2-5%, but with 1GS’ help, First Family Insurance’s landing page has converted over 3,000 leads and converts over 15%:

The key to this insurance agency’s top-performing conversion rate is the inviting impression you immediately feel upon entering the page. The CTA is clear and the value is apparent.

Zippy Digital Insurance’s landing page employs just enough movement to maintain interest and draw the eye to all of the pertinent information on the page:

Uber’s landing page is minimal, modern, and eye-catching. The value proposition is apparent and the form is only two boxes, making it very easy and quick to complete:

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