How to Generate Insurance Leads Step by Step

Insurance leads are the backbone of any insurance company, but many agencies struggle to find enough qualified prospects to develop a consistent flow of clients. If you’re looking to improve your insurance lead generation strategy, a great place to start is to review the process from top to bottom and ensure you have the right strategies in place. 


Step 1 – Top of funnel 

The first step to expanding your lead pool is to get your brand’s name out there to the right people. This involves purchasing ad space on the websites that your target audience typically uses. 

Social media platforms are a common place to start advertising your company due to their high daily traffic and in-depth audience insights. You can tweak the audience that receives these ads by location, age, and interests so that only your preferred customers are receiving them, which optimizes your ad spend. LinkedIn is particularly useful for B2B marketing, while Facebook and Instagram are more suited to B2C. 

You’ll also want to start developing trust and engagement with your target audience by maintaining a consistent presence on social media. This involves posting useful, educational content anywhere from 3-7 times a week. The more frequently you can post, the more likely your target audience will encounter your content and potentially gain something from it. It’s through this process that your audience will start to understand your expertise and eventually trust you. 


Stage 2 – Middle of funnel 

So you’ve discovered where your target audience hangs out online and they’ve seen your ads and posts enough times that they remember your brand. Next, you’ll want to make the experience even more personal – move the conversation from a public forum to a direct message. You can do this by collecting contact information such as an email address with a lead magnet, which is an offering that your target audience could see value in. Once people start providing their email addresses, you can start the nurturing process by adding these audience members to an email sequence that provides valuable content directly in their inbox. Nurturing email sequences keep your brand’s name top of mind, showcasing the benefits of working with you for when the client requires your service.  


Stage 3 – Bottom of funnel 

Finally, once your target audience members have had a substantial amount of time to get to know your brand and they require insurance, they’ll either reach out and become paying customers or they won’t. Newly-minted clients can then be removed from the nurturing sequence (they already trust you, after all!) and added to a “client won” email sequence. These emails keep up with the client and remind them of the services available to them, which can give them the personal attention they need to appreciate your service. 

As for the clients that don’t convert, they remain in the nurturing email sequence, receiving more valuable content. You can also set up remarketing ads that potential clients will see in their search engine after they’ve visited your website. This allows you to maintain a presence in case they change their mind and decide to work with you in the future. 


Set up your funnel today 

Effective marketing funnels take time and expertise to set up, rework, and optimize. Don’t give yourself a whole second job by maintaining all of these components; speak with an expert at 1GS instead. 

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