How to Increase Your Insurance Company’s Customer Reviews

There are 415,000 insurance brokers and agencies operating in the US. How do you stand out amongst all that competition?

Creating a strong online presence means more than just keeping your website updated. Organic customer reviews on Google can contribute more than 15% of Google search ranking factors. Let’s go over some tried-and-true tactics for getting more customer reviews and ways you can incorporate them into your marketing.

1. Make it easy to get in touch with you

Providing customers with multiple easy ways to share their thoughts with you can encourage more reviews. You can provide a link to your company’s social media accounts directly from your website so customers can reach out with questions or comments. Responding to these questions can act as organic social proof of your company’s positive relationship with its customers.

2. Offer incentives to customers for writing reviews

Companies also commonly offer customers a reward for leaving Google reviews. The reward could be as simple as entering them into a raffle for a $20 gift card. Raffles are an excellent way to incentivize a larger number of customers without requiring a large monetary investment on your company’s behalf.
While monetary motivators are generally very successful at encouraging more reviews, new customers may be wary of too many overly positive reviews. Ensure that you’re incentivizing customers to leave honest and balanced reviews of their experience with your company.

3. Check your communication channels regularly

It’s important to continually encourage customers to communicate with you by staying responsive across all of your channels. Whether it’s social media or email, your responsiveness can nurture the customer’s trust in your company.

Plus, conversations that take place on social media are publicly visible, making them an excellent organic marketing opportunity. 93% of consumers in the US check reviews before making purchasing decisions, and you can make that decision even easier by filling your social media page with examples of your customer service. By communicating with customers in a friendly and helpful manner, potential customers might stumble on your conversation and learn to trust your company as a result.

4. Post reviews on your website

When it comes down to making the purchase or scheduling the call, social proof can be a huge motivator for new customers to make the leap of faith and do business with you. For this reason, posting reviews on your website near the final point of sale can help to assuage some of the choice anxiety customers may experience. Consider including the Google reviews logo on your website next to these reviews for further brand recognition and trust-building.

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