Life Insurance Lead Generation: 3 Tips to Find Your Customers

Life insurance lead generation is a vital aspect of the life insurance sales process. It allows agents to focus on working interested leads instead of simply searching for them. This allows agents like you to build trusting relationships with their leads and close more sales.

Let’s discuss 3 effective life insurance lead-generation methods to help you optimize your lead pool.


Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful tools for life insurance agents to connect with a broad audience. With a combination of interesting content and efficient audience targeting, you can organically discover an audience that suits your ideal customer profile. (For more on using social media to develop your target audience, you can read our blog here.) For example, you can hone your target audience by using hashtags relating to life insurance and associated topics in your posts. Many people purchase life insurance later in life, so you can set the age range of your target audience from 40-80.

Depending on the breadth of geography you’re targeting, your lead list could be thousands of names long, and nobody has time to cold-call thousands of leads. Clearly, we aren’t done. Those life insurance leads need somewhere to go that isn’t a spreadsheet.


Insurance CRMs

Specialized CRMs, or customer relationship managers, are an excellent next step in your life insurance lead generation strategy. They’re an effective way to keep track of the life insurance leads you collected from social media and easily determine where they are in your sales pipeline. With this software, you can create automations that send your accumulated social media leads specialized cold nurture content, such as blogs on the importance of life insurance. This process helps to build trust and brand recognition, which can make your leads more interested in speaking with an agent about life insurance.

With the cold nurture process being handled by a program, you can free yourself up to speak directly with leads that have already shown interest in purchasing life insurance. CRMs like InsuredMine are tailored to the life insurance industry specifically.


Life insurance groups

You can also search the web and social media for active groups that discuss and ask questions about life insurance. This step requires a bit more hands-on engagement than an automation, but it also allows you to cut out the initial lead-collecting step as the group members are self-selected and already interested in purchasing life insurance.

The process is simple: if a forum member asks a question about life insurance, you regularly provide thorough answers. Over time, members of the community will learn to trust you for the good advice you’re providing, which increases the likelihood that they’ll reach out for a quote. LinkedIn is a useful and trustworthy platform on which people will ask for professional advice. Consider spending a few minutes of your day searching for life insurance groups and engaging group members in a discussion.


Of course, the crucial ingredient for all these methods is time and expertise. That’s why 1GS helps agents like you create a sustainable inflow of leads, which frees up more of your day to work your qualified leads. Speak with an agent today and learn how you could start improving the quality and quantity of your leads.


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