The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Blogs

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Blogs

Blog writing is an important tool within marketing and brand advertising. It can help establish your authority on a subject, as well as provide helpful information. Blogs can be focused on any topic, and be as long or as short as needed. There are many things to keep in mind, however, when writing blogs, which we’ll highlight below.

-DO use bullet points

Most readers of your blog won’t read every word of the content. Using bullet points allows the reader to skip for information they desire without having to search hard. If you make your blog text-heavy with no bullet points, the reader will get frustrated and stop reading your blog. Using bullet points saves you and your reader time when it comes to blogs.

-DON’T get too personal

Some people can go into too much detail in their blogs, about their personal lives, internal thoughts, etc. This can be too much for some readers, as they may find the information uncomfortable. Keep your blog-friendly, informal, but also set boundaries for yourself when writing. Decide what is and isn’t okay to write about.

-DO use photos

The best blogs use photos to help tell a story within the blog. Make sure to add photos throughout the blog to add character and a visual journey that your reader can be a part of. It’s important to make sure your photos make sense next to their accompanying text.

-DON’T have typos

This seems easy, but can be easily missed while blog writing. Typos within a blog show your reader that you were in a hurry and didn’t care enough to go back and edit. Take the extra five to ten minutes and reread your blog, making sure it is typo and error-free.

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