What Are the Advantages of AI Writers for Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies are constantly in need of high-quality, engaging content to grab the attention of prospects, but it’s not easy to make the time in between running your insurance practice. This is where AI writing tools come into play. By leveraging artificial intelligence, insurance companies can reap several advantages that can significantly enhance their content creation efforts. Let’s talk about it. 


Increased Drafting Productivity 

AI writing tools can help insurance companies maintain a consistent content cadence by automating the drafting stage of the content creation process. These tools can generate readable, natural-sounding drafts of articles, blog posts, and social media content in a matter of seconds. This essentially cuts the time and effort that goes into drafting new content in half, making it easier to draft a large amount of high-quality content faster. Instead of drafting a new piece of content from scratch, you simply need to edit the first draft that the AI writer provides. 

The key is to understand how to properly prompt an AI writer like ChatGPT to create a quality first draft with valuable, accurate content, which is a skillset on its own. ChatGPT is unable to access the internet and it can only access information that was publicly available prior to September 2021, so if you want to reference information more recently than that, you’ll need to supply the research yourself. Fortunately, AI makes synthesizing research a breeze as well. 


Reduced Research Compilation Time 

AI writing tools have advanced algorithms and language models that can generate coherent and engaging content from a broad variety of sources. These tools can analyze data rapidly and condense it into a handful of key takeaways, which it can then flesh out into a unique piece of writing.  

Not unlike having a research assistant, AI writers make the process of citing sources and drawing the most important conclusions from your research easier than ever. This allows you to focus on finding quality sources and ensuring the final product maintains the professional and engaging voice that your insurance company’s content is cultivating. 

Need help developing your brand’s voice? 1GS specializes in helping insurance companies develop their niche appeal and establish a unique presence online. Speak with a 1GS strategist today about your options. 


Optimized SEO 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for insurance companies to improve their online visibility and attract organic traffic. AI writing tools are able to naturally incorporate SEO-friendly keywords into your copy, provided you’ve done the research on what keywords you want to use. Of course, AI can also make the task of sorting through SEO data even easier by synthesizing key insights from your research. Consider investing in an SEO service that allows you to quickly research what relevant keywords are being searched right now, as these would pair excellently with an AI writer to create optimized content. 


Hands-free content creation 

As valuable as AI writing tools are, they are still tools that require guidance and oversight. Getting the most out of AI content involves understanding how to format prompts, performing backlink and SEO research to fill out the article, editing “robotic” phrasing, and finally publishing the content with the appropriate backend work performed on the final blog. 

For a truly hands-free content creation pipeline, speak with a 1GS strategist. Our expert writers, in conjunction with ChatGPT, can turn around high-quality content on behalf of your company faster and more affordably than ever before. All you need to do is approve the final product – we’ll even take care of publishing and backend optimization like implementing meta descriptions. 

Ready to get started? A 1GS agent is waiting to speak with you to get your new content strategy off the ground. 


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