What Are the Cheapest Forms of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is cheaper and more accessible than ever thanks to the advent of social media and a wide variety of ad-friendly, high-traffic platforms. But when a business professional asks, “What is the cheapest form of digital marketing?” they’re generally also referring to the labor cost of implementing and maintaining it. 

We’ve compiled a list of cheap digital marketing strategies that small companies without an in-house marketing team can adopt simply. Let’s get started. 


Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on client deliverables as a method of spreading awareness of your business. The philosophy goes that if you create interesting, informative content that relates to your industry, potential clients will discover the content by organically looking it up and consuming it, which familiarizes them with your brand. 

With a monthly posting schedule of SEO-rich content such as blogs, your website is more likely to appear closer to the top of a Google search when a client looks up relevant keywords. These don’t have to be multiple-page essays either – 250 – 500 words is enough to make your point and boost your website’s SEO.  

If you don’t have the time or resources to put together blogs, you could instead focus on micro content in the form of social media posts. Not only is interesting content able to draw attention organically, but an active social media presence can help to prove to Google that your company is trustworthy, which can improve your search engine placement. 


Email Marketing 

Email marketing offers a more personal approach to content marketing, and you can accomplish it fairly cheaply. The goal of email marketing is to provide your target audience with valuable, industry-relevant information that also familiarizes them with your brand. 

There are two main tasks involved in email marketing: content creation and audience targeting. If you’re already utilizing a content marketing strategy by writing blogs, then half of the work is already done! Emails are a great way of advertising your valuable content to an audience that’s interested in learning more about your industry. The content of your emails can entice customers into following a link to your website where they can educate themselves about your company’s services organically. 

But how do you collect email addresses from your target audience? Offer a free product or advice, otherwise known as a lead magnet, in exchange for a user’s contact information on your website. This provides you with a list of leads that have already shown interest in your services.


Social Media 

A mainstay in any company’s digital marketing strategy, social media is a low-to-no cost method of encouraging engagement, building brand awareness, and advertising your services. By providing interesting, relevant content (such as the content you’re creating for the two strategies already mentioned), you can build a community of users that are more likely to think of your company when they require your services. 

Social media is also a great extension of your email marketing strategy. You could collect more user emails using the lead magnets you’re employing on your website, thus expanding the total potential audience.  

1GS provides low-cost solutions to creating eye-catching social media content for your company. Check out our SMM page to learn more, and get half off your first month of posts! 


Retargeting Ads on Google 

Retargeting is an excellent way to advertise your business online, and it can be highly cost-effective. This is because it allows you to target users who have already shown interest in your products or services, and show them ads of the same products or services that they have already looked at. 

This is a great way to get users to remember you, and it can also help you if they have ad blockers installed. Retargeting ads are more likely to be clicked on than other types of online ads, and can therefore increase your ad revenue. 


Above all, it’s important to consider the financial cost of your digital marketing versus the labor cost. Speak with a 1GS strategist today to get a free consultation and determine if hiring a professional digital marketing team could help you save time and money. 


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