What Is a PPC Campaign? And When You’ll See Results

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing strategy where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. It is commonly seen in search engine results pages, such as Google or Bing, where PPC ads appear before and to the right of organic search results. With PPC, advertisers bid on specific keywords or phrases relevant to their target audience. When a user enters those keywords into the search engine, the ads are displayed. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing why this form of advertising is so effective for insurance companies, how long it takes for this strategy to produce results, and how you can implement PPC campaigns into your digital marketing strategy. 


Are PPC campaigns effective for insurance agencies? 

PPC campaigns are highly effective for insurance agencies due to their cost-effectiveness and targeted approach. You only pay when users click on your ads, making it a cost-effective way to reach potential leads. Additionally, PPC allows agencies to target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring their ads are shown to relevant audiences actively searching for insurance products. 

PPC campaigns are highly effective at engaging customers that are already interested in your product. By bidding on keywords that are popular among your target audience, you can get your ads in front of ideal clients more often. 

Moreover, the data gathered from PPC ads can also improve your agency’s overall SEO strategy, helping you refine your keyword selection and audience targeting. PPC and SEO are great strategies to implement in conjunction, as they continually feed into each other’s effectiveness. 


How long do PPC campaigns take to be effective? 

While PPC campaigns have the potential to yield quick results, they typically require a minimum of three months to achieve full effectiveness. During these initial months, the campaign undergoes a training period, gathering valuable data that can enhance its overall performance. 

Several variables determine how long a PPC campaign takes to produce results: 

Data Generation: A new PPC campaign lacks existing data, and it takes time to generate meaningful data, especially with a small audience size. The data gathered during this period is essential for improving targeting, keyword selection, and bidding strategies. 

Performance History: New PPC campaigns don’t have any performance history on platforms like Google or Bing. Ad networks assess the quality of ads based on their performance history, which directly impacts their performance in the ad auction that determines when your ad is served. As the campaign accumulates impressions and clicks, the ad networks can develop a more accurate quality score, leading to better performance in future auctions. 

Optimization: Continuous optimization is vital for PPC campaigns. As data is gathered and performance history is established, the campaign creatives, keyword targets, and ideal client profiles can be refined to maximize results. 

That’s what makes a strategic partnership with 1GS a no-brainer for your insurance agency. With our collective years of experience in insurance advertising, your PPC campaign can launch with a strong research base and time-tested optimization strategies specifically for your industry. Speak with a 1GS strategist today to discover how we can help supercharge your marketing efforts. 


PPC campaigns improve over time 

As the PPC campaign runs for an extended period, it accumulates more data, which leads to improved targeting and better-performing ads. Ad networks can assess the ad’s quality more accurately, allowing the ad to be served to more customers more often. 

Additionally, the insights gained from data analysis can inform better bidding strategies, ensuring the campaign gets more clicks from users likely to convert. Continuous optimization throughout the campaign’s lifespan further enhances its effectiveness, generating even better results over time. 



The key word – patience. Like SEO, PPC campaigns are a long-term investment in your insurance agency’s lead generation efforts. That’s why working with an insurance PPC expert like 1GS is vital to making sure your campaign starts off on the right track. 


Ready to Get Started? 

PPC campaigns offer insurance agencies a cost-effective and targeted way to generate leads and reach their audience effectively. However, it’s important to remember that PPC advertising is a long-term strategy. While it can deliver quick results, its full potential typically takes at least three months to manifest. 

At 1GS Digital Agency, we specialize in creating tailored PPC campaigns for insurance agents and agencies. Our team of experts conducts thorough research on your best keywords, audiences, and competitors to ensure optimal results. Now we supercharge our research efforts using ChatGPT, which speeds up the process and allows your PPC ads to start optimizing sooner. 

If you’re looking to boost your lead generation efforts and want to explore the power of PPC campaigns, speak with a 1GS strategist today. Together, we can design a cost-effective marketing strategy specifically for your insurance business.  



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