Why Is Branding Important? Tips for Building Your Brand

Shared values drive 64% of brand relationships. That means that over half of brand relationships are built on the customer knowing what a company is all about.
Don’t leave customers hanging. Let’s discuss the ways that establishing a firm brand identity can help your bottom line.
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Your brand expedites the buyer’s journey.

With a strong brand at the core of your business model, you can move customer’s down your marketing funnel faster.

What is the buyer’s journey? In brief, it’s the circuitous and indirect method by which customers discover your company, research reviews, search for promotions, and so on until they decide if they want to do business with you. A well-defined brand lets you craft a trustworthy public persona for your company, which can expedite the “awareness” and “consideration” stages of the buyer’s journey.

Take Apple, America’s first $700 billion company. Apple frames its products as high-end luxury items that are self-evidently superior to competitors, and they do it using emotional branding, not lists of tech specs. Take control of your branding with the help of our branding experts at 1GS.

Guide Your Future Growth

Beyond aesthetics, effective branding also provides potential customers with a roadmap detailing the company’s intent to grow. A company’s longevity can have a huge impact on a customer’s decision to do business. With a skillfully-crafted brand, you can impart on your target audience that your company aims to occupy and revolutionize its niche for years to come.

Branding offers internal structure as well. Your company can continually strive to support (or even outperform) the promises of your branding, which can help to keep the narrative of your company’s growth consistent. Simply put, your brand can be a goal to reach as much as it is a representation of the company.

Supercharge Your Marketing Effectiveness

For the reasons above, branding can give your marketing department plenty of material to work with.

When marketing and branding align, you can create a wholly consistent conversation with new and existing customers. Your company’s values support your advertising efforts, and your advertising efforts demonstrate your company’s values.

To get your company’s online presence started, we recommend opening an official company account on all of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and posting industry-related content regularly. Maintaining official company communication outlets increases your credibility with customers and boosts your brand awareness.

Social media marketing can quickly evolve into a second full-time job.

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