Why You Need a Flexible Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is the journey a person takes to work with your business. Every single company has a unique optimal approach when it comes to implementing its own funnel. But how does a company find its optimal approach? What if you’re not happy with your funnel’s ROI?

You shouldn’t feel shackled to a strategy that doesn’t work. With the right preparation, you can build a marketing funnel that keeps you competitive long after the planning stage.

Here’s why.

You can develop a completely unique strategy that addresses your company’s needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing campaign — at least, not an effective one.

To achieve the best results, you need a unique marketing approach that stands out from your competitors’ advertising and engages with your company’s needs directly.

Typically, you start this process by developing a particular “ideal client profile,” which is a conceptual customer that’s most likely to want your product or service. Then, you can determine how to reach that kind of client. Given the ubiquity of the internet today, it’s a safe bet you’ll reach them by advertising online. Ask yourself:

  • Do they use social media?
  • Would they be Googling your service specifically?
  • Would they sign up for a newsletter pertaining to your product?

And so on. Tailor your strategy to fit your ideal client’s typical consumption behavior.

Finally, you can decide how all of your advertising efforts fit together in a productive way. This is where the funnel becomes more of a flow chart:

Each piece of advertising should flow into the next so you’re always providing your customers with a simple next step. These steps lead them further down the funnel until eventually, they convert from potential to paying customers.

It’s a complicated process with no easy answers. But with 1GS, you’ve got experience and a wealth of advertising resources at your disposal. We can help you craft an efficient, logical funnel that helps you achieve your organization’s goals.

You can plan for adjustments in your original strategy

Think of your marketing strategy as a road map. You want to reach points A, B, and C in an appropriate timeframe, and a map can help you plot out the most efficient route to do that. But what if you find out a road is closed? What if your car breaks down along the way? You’ll have to set a new route and a new timeline to accommodate these sudden changes.

A flexible funnel allows you to expect the unexpected in the planning stage of your strategy. You may not know exactly what issues you’ll face once you enact your marketing plan, but you can schedule a weekly or biweekly meeting to review the progress of your journey.

Flexible marketing funnels accommodate checkpoint-based strategizing like this. Regular check-ins on the success of your campaign, such as weekly or biweekly meetings, can keep you on track.

You can review analytics and adjust spending

You might be asking, “How do I know if my marketing is working?” 

A marketing funnel typically involves a series of systems feeding into one another, delivering potential customers deeper into the funnel until (hopefully!) they reach the point of sale. Due to the interconnected nature of the funnel, pinpointing the successes and failures of the various marketing systems can be tricky.

An excellent resource to review is the ad analytics.

Ad analytics let you see how every aspect of your funnel is performing in real-time. Analytics can help you learn more about:

  • how many potential customers have encountered your advertising
  • how many potential customers are pursuing more information about your product (ie clicking links, visiting your store page)
  • how many customers have converted into paying customers
  • the resulting revenue

These statistics create a kind of narrative concerning how many customers are descending the funnel and how far they’re getting. You can pinpoint what portion of your ad spend is offering the best ROI by compiling this raw data into a report.

Not sure how to make your analytics work for you? 1GS specializes in collecting and synthesizing useful marketing data for our clients. We’ll explain every step of the process from top to bottom — of the funnel, that is.

You can restrategize and refresh your marketing approach

You never know what’s down the road, but good or bad, you can learn from it. emA flexible funnel gives you the power to continually improve the efficacy of your marketing strategy. 

For example, imagine a Montessori school wants to boost the number of enrollments it’s receiving. There are cookie-cutter methods of approaching this problem — you could simply draft an ad to run on social media and on Google saying, “Accepting applications!” and leave it at that.

But this process is static, and it doesn’t consider the audience’s reactions to the ads. The parents in this audience aren’t just looking for a place to spend money; they want a school that cares about their children’s early education. Instead, you could optimize your advertising to focus on the children’s activities and highlight the lessons the children are learning. Based on the ad analytics, you might discover that more parents are engaging with the ad on Facebook. So, you run a boosted campaign on Facebook to improve your chances of reaching an interested audience.

This responsiveness to your audience’s viewing tendencies can offer a world of possibilities. You can target your ad spend where it matters most and boost the effectiveness of your advertising.

Call on the marketing funnel masters

With 1GS, your funnel is always evolving. We offer regular check-in meetings and analytics auditing so you always know how your ad spend is performing.

We create the right marketing plan for organization’s specific needs. All you have to do is tell us what you want to accomplish with your marketing push, and we’ll put all of our resources to work to reach those goals.

But we know that proof is worth more than promises. Consider reading the testimonials from some of our current clients for more on our flexible marketing funnel approach.

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