3 Insurance Agency Marketing Success Stories

Companies need a digital presence to expand and thrive. If you want to ensure the longevity of your insurance agency, you need a digital marketing strategy. Let’s discuss some specific ways your company can benefit from digital marketing, including examples of real success stories.


Freshening up your agency’s persona (and SEO)

If your website was designed more than 5 years ago (or you don’t have a website at all), you might be missing out on sales.

According to a study published in 2017, 79% of customers said a brand needs to establish a trusting relationship with them before they would consider purchasing. An updated website can go a long way to building that trust by proving your business is actively doing business.

Check out this case study from Zippy Digital Insurance. This company had no online presence and was in need of a landing page to engage customers. And the results turned out beautifully

Not only does this modern look entice visitors, but it’s also helping Zippy improve its organic SEO for no additional cost, which improves the company’s chances of appearing at the top of search engines.


Scaling your company’s lead pool

Lead generation is a necessity for a company’s long-term health. Without a steady stream of new customers, your insurance agency is going to struggle to sustain itself.

First Family Insurance, Coral Springs was contending with this very issue: a lack of consistent leads. They were wasting time and money on unqualified insurance leads that never called back and desperately needed a streamlined digital marketing system.

The expert insurance agency marketing team at 1GS built a campaign that targeted highly optimized market segments, and achieved a consistent stream of 250+ leads per month with an 80% contact rate!


Slashing the price per lead

Poor, unresponsive insurance leads are a drain on your marketing budget. Freedom Quest Insurance was struggling to justify its marketing budget due to a high cost per lead with an unreliable contact rate.

We immediately got to work developing an appealing, modern insurance agency website from the ground up that encouraged interested customers to request a quote. After refining audience targeting and implementing digital advertising on Google and Facebook, we helped Freedom Quest achieve a cost per lead of only $11.88 with a 70% contact rate



The marketing agency you choose should stand shoulder to shoulder with you every step of the way, providing comprehensive insight and optimization strategies into the status of your marketing campaigns. 


With 1GS, you’ve got a partner that wins when you win. 

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