How Can Digital Marketing Help Me Find Customers?

Digital marketing has become a crucial tool for any company looking to expand and grow to its fullest extent. But how can digital marketing help scale your business? Let’s discuss how all three levels of your marketing funnel can benefit from a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 


Lead Generation 

Any successful marketing strategy starts with identifying your company’s target audience and creating compelling content that resonates with their needs and interests. But unlike analog forms of marketing, digital marketing provides a real-time look into the customer demographics that are responding to your ads. Social media marketing is especially useful for honing your target audience, as the most popular sites like Linkedin and Facebook offer an in-depth suite of audience targeting tools. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the next generation of a well-placed billboard. It ensures your website ranks near the top of a Google search when customers are searching for relevant keywords. By regularly adding valuable, keyword-rich content such as industry-related blogs to your website, search engines will prioritize your website over competitors trying to rank for the same keywords. 

These strategies and many more are available to your company today. Speak with a 1GS agent to determine which lead generation strategy makes the most sense for your company. 


Lead Capturing 

More than simply getting your name in front of potential leads, a full-funnel digital marketing strategy sets up an easy next step for customers to take to work with your company. Landing pages with clear calls-to-action and lead magnets help your company collect contact information from viable leads so you can continue reaching out to them and providing further value. The more the customer hears from your company and recognizes the value that you’re giving away for free, the more likely they’ll think of you when they need your service. 


Lead Nurturing 

Once you’ve collected a user’s contact information, you can begin building trust and reinforcing brand recognition.  

Email marketing sequences are a tried-and-true method of keeping your company top-of-mind with customers in a more personalized manner. By delivering valuable content such as educational material and exclusive promotions straight to the customer’s inbox, you can build a rapport with your customers that generalized advertising can’t match. You know that if someone downloaded your insurance terminology handbook, they’re specifically interested in learning more about insurance. This provides you with accurate assumptions about what the customer wants more of, which can help to increase engagement with your material.  

Social media provides a useful platform for nurturing as well. Communicating with potential customers in their direct messages is a great method of personalizing your marketing approach, as it helps to make your company feel more approachable and human.  

Remarketing ads are another great method of keeping up with leads that haven’t converted to customers yet. These ads are served to users that expressed interest in your company by visiting your site, so they’re much more likely to engage with your company again. 



Digital marketing helps you find customers with a series of strategies that communicate with and feed into one another. Over time, users will naturally flow from one step to another, closer and closer to the goal of contacting your company and converting into a paying customer. Contact a 1GS strategist for a free audit of your website, and learn more about what your customized digital marketing strategy could do for your company’s bottom line. 


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