Local SEO: Why Does it Matter?

Search engine optimization is an essential marketing technique for finding the right audience for your company. But what if your target audience lives down the street from your business?

We’ll be discussing how local SEO can help you personalize a potential customer’s experience with your advertising and encourage them to interact with your business.


Why Does My Company Need SEO?

Search engine optimization helps your business appear as close to the top of a relevant Google search as possible, which increases the likelihood a user will see your webpage and visit it. Every company needs a healthy online presence to ensure a steady flow of new customers and new revenue.

“But why local SEO?” you might be wondering. Surely if your target audience lives nearby your store, you could invest in a billboard and get the same results. The answer is twofold.

Firstly, billboards aren’t personal. You can’t implement audience segmentation to create a more personalized advertising experience for your customers.

Secondly, over 80% of customers research a company online before buying. If a customer can’t find your business from a relevant Google search due to poor SEO on your website, you’re missing a critical opportunity to build trust.


Can local SEO expand my audience?

Not only can SEO expand your reach geographically, but it can also grab the attention of customers that are visiting your city for the first time. With search engine-optimized copy on your website, you can improve the chances that a newcomer can easily discover and patronize your business. This can be a useful tactic for drumming up more foot traffic to the physical location of your store.

Not sure how to optimize your website copy? Talk to the SEO experts at 1GS. We perform research on all major search engines to determine what audiences are currently looking up to improve your business’s online presence and expand your reach.


Why does it matter?

Digital marketing spending is projected to increase by 50% from 2020. That’s over $50 billion being spent by competing companies both in and out of your industry.

Don’t get buried under the competition. Developing a healthy online presence for your business is a marathon, not a sprint, and the sooner you start improving your site’s SEO, the sooner you’ll start seeing results.

1GS can help you rank for more relevant keywords and appear in more Google searches with our exclusive SEO marketing strategy. You can check out our past success stories and schedule a no-obligation call with one of our marketing experts to see how we can start building your marketing funnel.


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