Take a look below at the Industries we specialize in working with.

Law Firms

We specialize in helping law firms reach clients in need of legal representation. We have experience promoting in a wide range of legal fields, from personal injury, family law, commercial real estate, and estate planning to international arbitration. Let our ad experts expand your audience reach and get you more qualified appointments so you can focus on running your business and representing your clients.

Insurance Brokerages & Agents

We specialize in helping insurance brokers and Agents reach their ideal clients in need of care. We provide custom inbound funnels to generate Health and Life Leads, Term Life, and Medicare leads across 48 US States. Set up a consultation with us and learn how we are getting our insurance partners over 85% contact rates and over 50% conversion rates on our qualified leads.

Real Estate Brokerages & Agents

We partner with real estate brokers and agents looking to implement a proven system that generates interested parties in your specific area that are looking to buy or sell their property. We understand what makes you stand out from the competition, as our team has purchased and sold over $10M in real estate across the South Florida and New York markets. We know your industry. Learn how we can help you scale your business today.

Dental Practices

We specialize in helping dental practices, from General Dental Offices, Cosmetic Dental Specialists to Pediatric Dentists reach their ideal new patients consistently in need of their services, in your specific area. We can only work with one dental office per city, to implement our proven “GCP new Patient System”. To learn more about our specific strategy, and to find out what is working for our dental clients, set up a free consultation.

Healthcare Centers

We specialize in helping medical clinics, including physical therapy, urgent care, general practice clinics, and med spas, reach new patients in need of their services. Review our case studies in this area and set up a call with us to learn more about how we can help your business.

SAAS & IT Companies

We help SAAS and IT companies create inbound funnels to generate more discovery call appointments and demos scheduled for your NCA or Account Management teams. We also consult with your team to create the most effecient marketing-tech stack to accomplish your revenue goals. With our team having first-hand knowledge working at multi-billion dollar SAAS companies across their sales and marketing departments, we know how to ensure your tech company stands out from the competition.

Accounting Firms

We specialize in helping accountants reach their ideal clients and businesses in need of financial planning assistance. With heavy research done on the front end, to map out who your ideal client is and what is your specific USP, we ensure you stand out from the competition, and when your ideal client is looking for your service, they will set up an appointment with you. Check out our Accounting case studies today and learn the type of results we can get for your business.


We specialize in helping childcare professionals reach parents who want the best learning environment for their children, from Preschool to College applicants. We understand what makes your childcare facility, private school or university stand out from the competition. Let our experienced team of education marketing experts target your ideal family online so you can focus on showing them your facilities and teachers, nurturing and educating the next generation of Leaders.

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