Walmart and Amazon Offer Ad Services: Here’s What You Need to Know

Walmart and Amazon Offer Ad Services: Here’s What You Need to Know

Walmart and Amazon Offer Ad Services: Here’s What You Need to Know

Walmart and Amazon’s digital advertising services are the top contenders for breaking into Facebook and Google’s duopoly.

Amazon reported $9.7 billion in ad revenue for Q4 last year. Unmistakably, this is an impressive figure on its own, though it still falls very short of the marketing platform giants of the modern era. Facebook made $36 billion in Q4, and Google brought in a whopping $61 billion.

Clearly, Amazon has a long way to go to match those numbers, but they have all the potential in the world to do it. The business is currently booming, raking in $137.4 billion in revenue for Q4 alone. Marketing analysts have been speculating for a long while that Amazon could easily expand its advertising services and seriously disrupt the digital marketing business-as-usual.

What Amazon Offers

Brands are always looking to get their marketing messages as close to the sale as possible, and Amazon’s digital storefront places advertisements alongside search results and amongst algorithm-conjured recommendations. You really can’t get much closer to the point of sale than this, and this is especially valuable on a platform that sees the kind of traffic that Amazon drives. Amazon also announced plans to expand its video advertising on Fire TV, IMDb TV, and Twitch to provide even more, and more varied, digital marketing opportunities.

Amazon already offered storefront advertising, and it already had ad space on its services. The company’s very public shift to bolstering its advertising platforms is more of a message than a meaningful change in direction. For marketers following these developments, Amazon is signaling its intention to upset the former digital marketing duopoly between Facebook and Google, and with its brand recognizability and its spending power, it’s projected to grow into a formidable advertising rival.

With this recent announcement, Amazon is hoping to get ahead of the curb as other retail rivals, such as Walmart, begin to create similar advertising networks.

What Walmart Connect Offers

Walmart Connect, a newly branded digital marketing service, made $2.1 billion last year, revealing its advertising financials for the first time in order to showcase its rapid growth. The service is still fairly quaint, at least in comparison to Facebook, Google, and Amazon’s titanic marketing clash, though Walmart Connect saw the number of advertisers using the service expand by 136% in the last year alone. At that rate of growth, Walmart could become one of the top 10 advertising platforms in the next few years.

Technology plays a huge role in Walmart’s ability to open its advertising platform. Walmart is scaling its technological infrastructure to support its advertising services, including developing a demand-side platform. So far, this platform has proven extremely successful for the select businesses that participated in it. Walmart’s sales exceeded analysts’ expectations of Q4 last year, meaning brands advertising on Walmart’s platform got even more attention than they expected to receive.

Walmart also announced plans to closely link its advertising platform with its Fulfillment Centers, which could help to accelerate the sales and sale satisfaction process for merchants participating in this new ecosystem. All of these benefits make Walmart Connect a service worth considering for brands looking to increase their online visibility.

The Takeaway

Amazon and Walmart have a long race to run before they can meaningfully compete with the reach of Facebook and Google’s marketing services. But with the rising cost of advertising on Google and Facebook and the crowded nature of the digital marketing space, more competition may be exactly what advertisers are looking for. Both Amazon and Walmart can see this, and they’re rapidly developing their potential as advertising platforms to break into the expanding market early.

What do you think of these developments? Would your brand seek out a new advertising platform given the opportunity? Leave a comment to let us know what you think of Amazon and Walmart aiming to compete with Google and Facebook.

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What Does a Law Firm Marketing Plan Entail?

What Does a Law Firm Marketing Plan Entail?

What Does a Law Firm Marketing Plan Entail?

Think of your law firm as your vehicle.

You’ve got sturdy wheels beneath you and nothing but the road ahead of you. You’re ready to drive for as long as it takes to get to your destination. You’re in this for the long haul.

But wait. Where are you going? And how do you even get there? These questions aren’t as simple as they sound. Before you can even pull out of your driveway, you need a roadmap: a marketing plan. When you know where you want to go and how long it takes to get there, you’re much more likely to get to your destination than if you just start driving aimlessly. To help you start your journey, we’re going to talk about what a marketing plan involves and what makes it so important.

Know Your Enemy

Marketing is a supersaturated environment for any business, and law firms are no exception. If you’re looking for inspiration to distinguish yourself from the crowd, it helps to know what competitors are offering to draw in new clients.

To start, choose at least two to three competitors to examine. They can be any competitors against which you’d like to compare your success, but here are some suggestions for which competitors to choose for the best results:

  • Choose one or two competitors that are approximately the same size as your firm, possibly even practicing in the same areas, and research their online presence. This could include auditing their social media engagement or noting how active they are online. Average their online presence with your own to create a workable standard of how well a firm your size typically performs.
  • Choose a competitor that uses marketing tactics you’d like to emulate. Perhaps they have a wider customer reach than your firm, or they have a very successful marketing campaign. Scour their online presence for the same kind of information you retrieved from the other firms you audited. This can help you establish realistic goals for your firm’s growth.

Key performance indicators – where are you headed?

Let the above averages represent your firm’s individualized key performance indicators, or KPI. Your KPI is the route you plan on taking to your destination, beginning with where you are and ending with where you want to be.

Your KPI can involve as many metrics as is helpful to your firm. If you want to increase online engagement, boost the number of successful client conversions, and increase your online visibility, you could include all of these in your KPI. The more specific your KPIs, the more accurately you can determine what course of action to take to reach your destination.

For example, let’s say that you want to boost your social media followership of 500 by at least 20% over the next quarter of a year in order to get ahead of your competitors. This gives you a concrete goal to work towards for the next three months – now you know your destination. With this in mind, you can begin plotting your route accordingly; perhaps you can run law tip campaigns that encourage social media users to follow your page for more information.

Once you’ve reached the end of the time interval, you can review. Did you meet your goals? Why or why not? Now, you can create new KPIs or update your old ones to continually set new goals for your firm. This can help you break your journey to success down into step-by-step directions.

SEO – speak Google’s language

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a practice that helps to increase your visibility on Google using certain algorithm-friendly tactics. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase your search engine result presence, or SERP. Basically, you’re looking to get your firm to the top of a relevant Google search page.

Google ranks web pages based on their relevance to your search, and it usually determines a page’s relevance based on the presence of certain words in the body of the website. If, for example, a person is looking for an attorney who specializes in auto injuries, they’re likely to Google “auto injury lawyer.” The top result of that search is likely to be a website with a title that has these exact keywords in it. Given that people typically click on the first few links on a Google search page, this is a highly coveted spot.

SEO focuses on optimizing a page to include the most relevant keywords possible, thus increasing the likelihood that Google will present that page as the top result. Some keywords are obvious, like the example above, but for more in-depth optimization, you may need external tools that provide you more insight into trending keyword usage.

Alternatively, you could hire a marketing agency that has access to these tools already. They could provide you with an SEO consultation, where they diagnose your website’s current SEO-friendliness and any potential changes you could make to improve it. You could also allow them to craft your copy so that it’s highly optimized for relevant keywords to your firm’s practices.

If you get lost, ask for directions

This stuff isn’t easy. You’ve already got a law firm to run and client cases to review, so it can feel daunting to have to learn a whole new set of skills just to make Google happy. That’s why 1GS is here to help with your digital marketing needs. While you’re working hard winning cases for your clients, we can offer our website design and SEO services to ensure that the right clients can find you when they need you.

For more information on how we can help build a successful digital marketing strategy for your law firm, contact us today for a consultation.


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Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

In the world of digital marketing, getting leads can be a laborious task. You often find yourself wondering:

How can we get the best lead from this method?

Are our efforts from this campaign working?

What can we do to optimize our lead generation for next month? Next quarter? Next year!

So you try everything and anything. Maybe you send out a newsletter to your subscribers. You prepare a sequence of cold emails in advance. You’re reaching out to possible leads through SEO-optimized content. These are all tried and tested methods of lead generation.

But that doesn’t promise results.

Then how are successful companies able to generate leads while your cold emails collect dust? They put these best practices for lead generation to work for them.

Successful Lead Generation Methods

Unlike contacting random strangers, lead generation focuses on connecting with an audience that resonates with your brand and then nurturing them through a natural progression of brand-aware clients into the purchase phase.

You’re more likely to buy that pair of Nike sneakers if you receive an email deal days after viewing your new closet essential.

The desire to act and make a purchase can come from a multitude of factors. Here are some lead generation basics that are often overlooked. And there are plenty more to discover.


You’ve heard it over and over again. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets drilled into everything you must do online. There’s a perfect keyword for your audience or a better method of adding metadata to your site. But let’s break down why SEO works hand in hand with lead generation.

SEO allows your prospective customer to discover your brand. That stage of awareness is what you need to begin nurturing your lead through the sales process.

But aside from getting organic traffic, SEO is proven to produce lead encouraging data.

One study found that 57% of B2B marketers said SEO generated more leads than any other marketing initiative [source: Junto].

SEO is only half the battle, however. Remember how we discussed keywords and metadata? That’s pretty easy to get when you learn a bit about SEO. Our SEO services can make it easier for you to understand all the jargon around it. But what comes after implementing SEO is converting a lead into a customer.

Your content.

That carries through into every bit of your brand. You know what keeps your client coming back when they dive into the content you offer. SEO is only the one lead generation stepping stone. Just like it’s the backbone of our next lead generation tactic.

Cold emails

There’s a sense of dread when your client picks up a cold call. Granted, cold calls aren’t completely ineffective. Maybe it’s just phone calls in general that people are straying away from.

But cold emails are an exciting opportunity for your client. Every morning, a steaming cup of coffee sets up your day as you look through emails. And you can automatically determine which emails are junk. After all, how many more on-sale socks do you need?

The right cold email does more than tell you about a sale. It’s the opportunity you have as a brand to plant a seed into your audience’s head. That one email opened up early in the morning may linger on in their thoughts. Enough to where a quick look into your site’s page begins the lead generation journey.

Better yet, cold emails already work with potential leads when you connect to your list of potential clients, subscribers, contacts, etc.

The hardest part about making an effective email is creating effective content. You’re looking at emails at lightning speed every morning. That’s why it’s better to leave out buzz words or common business words/cliches like “100% guaranteed” or “pipeline”.

A creative email is far more likely to be remembered than an email built with a business mindset.

Remember it as that quick, personal connection you make as soon as your client starts their day.

Blog Content

The main theme you may have noticed so far is bringing quality content to your audience. There must be something your leads gravitate to feel secure about their decision.

Providing your audience with quality information through a blog is your best bet to generate more quality leads.

The SEO king Neil Patel found that companies who blog more generate at least 67% more leads! Including 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links (meaning better SEO and web page authority).

If you wanted to be more ambitious about your leads, 16+ posts a month also saw a spike in leads by 4.5x more than competitors who only published between 0-4.

The real secret to transforming your blog material into leads goes beyond writing what you know though. Again, quality quality quality. But how do you convert that awesome blog into feasible leads?

A great call to action.

Have a great point you made that can be supplemented with a CTA? Use it! There are plenty of ways you can incorporate your CTA into your blog like:

  • Sidebars
  • Website Banners
  • In-text CTA’s
  • End of Page CTA’s
  • Pop-ups
  • Exit overlays
  • Offers

Your call to action should be considered the gateway into a converted lead. Word of advice: do not become the annoying tele-commericals hounding you to call! Hurry! Before time runs out! Sale! Sale! Sale!

You don’t like it any more than your reader does.

Pay attention to how you can insert any of these essential CTA’s into your content. Or better yet, contact our team to receive an audit of your site. We’ll be able to break down how your content can be optimized for better leads.

Website and Mobile Optimization

So you’re aware of how to make content generate leads. And you’ve even followed our 5 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Content. You’re just missing that one key component to getting more leads: optimizing your website and mobile interface.

When you’re producing content for the digital world, at some point you’ll be facing the inevitable problem of increased traffic, but no leads. It can and does happen to even the most notable brands out there.

This is where you’ll need to review your website/mobile interface. Aside from reviewing your online design, SEO, and content, you can do one thing for better optimization:


Your audience may really enjoy what you’ve created. But let’s face it, they may not always have the time to perform your action at this very moment. Or maybe they got distracted. Or maybe their cat spilled water on their laptop.

Either way, you’ll need a retargeting strategy to get back that lead.

Start by setting a pixel into your browser. If you’re not familiar with pixels, they’re snippets of code that gather information from your audience. They’ll give you the ability to send a campaign or an ad back to the users leaving your page. Consider it your investigative journalist, getting the scoop you need to be more aware.

Take Wordstream for example. This marketing company noticed its low number of leads and traffic. With careful consideration, Wordstream looked at the small portion of traffic that mattered.

Their efforts in retargeting led to a 300% increase in site visit duration! And another increase of 51% in their conversion rate!

Consider implementing a retargeting strategy for your company if you’ve noticed your traffic isn’t bringing results. If you aren’t sure where to start, our experts know the best retargeting methods for your brand.


If you’ve read any of our articles before, you know how much we drill backlinks into your head. These little connections you make through our brand/business pages give you something invaluable. Page authority.

You might be asking yourself why page authority would matter. You have all the content and the retargeting efforts in place. But to drive your results even further, you’ll need to consider backlink as the end-all, be-all.

Backlinks are “proof” that your website is a valuable source for your audience. Sites that link back to yours bring a variety of audiences being funneled into your landing page.

How do you go about getting backlinks then?

Many agencies offer backlinks through a variety of methods like:

  • Guest blogging
  • Website registration
  • Editorial backlinks
  • Relationship-based backlinks

You’ll find that some of the backlinking efforts require a little bit of elbow grease. You’ll need to produce content that again is valuable for an audience. Then, depending on your chosen method, you’ll need to communicate with others to begin creating relationships.

Offer to create content for another site. Or produce content that would be appealing as a source for journalists, editors, publishers, etc. Register your site onto a niche directory, like Yelp to begin gaining authority. These methods are but a few that you could implement for your backlinking efforts.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of the best practices for lead generation. In fact, you may even find some new ones that are now being highlighted. Refer to these best practices as a refresher. Or to come up with new ideas in improving your lead generation efforts.

Never consider lead generation as a concrete, stable method of digital marketing. It’s a fluid process that will require time, patience, and adaptability. And with any efforts you make, you can turn to 1GS agency as your personal guide to improve your lead generation strategy.


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1GS Digital Agency Awarded as Top Provider of B2B Digital Marketing Solutions by Clutch

1GS Digital Agency Awarded as Top Provider of B2B Digital Marketing Solutions by Clutch

1GS Digital Agency Awarded as Top Provider of B2B Digital Marketing Solutions by Clutch

At 1GS, Our aim is to drive growth for our clients’ businesses with digital marketing. We’re an expert when it comes to implementing B2B digital marketing solutions for you.

This dedication and passion have managed to lead us to Clutch’s “Top Advertising & Marketing Agencies” Award in Florida 2021.

That’s right! Our team is a proud recipient of a Clutch award for our content marketing services and more. We are actually named one of the best content marketing agencies in Miami, Florida.

Why our B2B Digital Marketing Solutions Set Us Apart:

1GS is an agency expanding in digital marketing services daily. We commit to not only providing services but teaching our clients best practices in marketing. We never leave our clients in the dark when it comes to exactly what they’re receiving from us.

Our flexible services offer:

  • Up-to-Date SEO Research
  • UI Friendly Web Design
  • Contemporary Branding Guides
  • Experienced Growth Hacking Methods
  • Audience Approved Social Media Content

What our Founder & CEO Claudia Papa has to say about this award:

“Digital marketing is constantly changing so we keep striving to get better for our clients every single day to provide the best possible results. To us our clients are like family, we genuinely take a personal interest in the success of their campaigns and this award shows that.”

We are happy and excited to share this amazing news with you, our clients. Our team would like to express our sincere thanks to you. This award wouldn’t even be possible without your help. And your decision to choose us as your agency of choice.

Of course, we would also like to extend our gratitude to Clutch and their team for this amazing award. Being named as one of the best service providers on your platform is an honor and privilege. Again, thank you for this recognition. And the opportunity to showcase our B2B digital marketing solutions to a broader audience.

You might be wondering, what is Clutch? Well, they’re a premier B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their work helps you find the perfect partner for your next project.

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Uncover 7 Marketing Tools for Beginners You Should Know! Experts Love These!

Uncover 7 Marketing Tools for Beginners You Should Know! Experts Love These!

Uncover 7 Marketing Tools for Beginners You Should Know! Experts Love These!

Let’s face it. Hiring a team of marketers doesn’t seem like the right idea when you’re first starting out. The budget might not allow it. Or you’re more of a hands-on learner. That’s why we recommend these marketing tools for beginners who want a little more insight.

Our agency wants our clients to learn what works for their business along the way. That’s how we know a full-fledged marketing plan can be a bit intimidating. Especially when you aren’t sure what benefits you’re receiving.

We recommend these tools to get you better acquainted with digital marketing. You’ll find that their ease of use and free services can help you start marketing your business all on your own.

When you decide to move beyond these tools, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable allowing our team to work with you.

Here are 7 marketing tools for beginners you need to know…

For Design: Canva

Got an eye for the creative but lack expert knowledge on Photoshop/Adobe Design? Canva is your new best friend. Many college students attest to the ease of use Canva provides. Especially for last-minute projects. I was one of them!

Canva is a graphic design platform with thousands of designs and templates in place. Customize a graphic for Facebook, webpage, or LinkedIn without spending hours fine-tuning technicalities.

Its purpose to be user-friendly makes this an essential marketing tool for beginners.

We love the following features for beginners:

  • Easy to use brand guides
  • Hundreds of thousands of graphic elements (no seriously, it’s endless!)
  • 250,000+ templates
  • 100+ design types

For Analytics: Google Analytics

Nowhere else are there more answers to your questions than Google. Google Analytics provides you with a clear picture of your results making the idea of analytics less daunting for beginners. They even offer free courses to help you understand the power of your analytic reports!

Take advantage of the following for your business:

  • Demographic data
  • Social media platform insights
  • Data Report Customization
  • Conversion Tracking

For Social Media: Loomly

Okay, so you might have seen us mention this before! But it’s hard not to keep talking about it! Loomly is the best tool for social media management, in our opinion!

This marketing tool for beginners alike allows you to create multi-type content. All customizable based on your platforms.

The best part? It’s all in one place!

There’s more to enjoy with:

  • List and Calendar view
  • Suggestions based on related events and #trends
  • Asset management in one library
  • Easy to schedule options

For User Research: HotJar

Now user research may not be the most interesting part of the job for some. You could simply go through Google Analytics to gather a decent understanding of your audience.

But imagine getting to be in the mind of your audience. With HotJar, you can do that (without mind control!)

HotJar is a new tool that uses heat sensing technology to see how your visitors experience your site. Find where your visitors linger, where they gravitate, and what they find difficult.

HotJar also offers:

  • Visual conversion funnel tracking
  • Online form analysis
  • Feedback from website poll

For Email Marketing: Klaviyo

Ever scrolled by millions of promotions in your email inbox, but only click a few? Those few are the gold stars of email marketing. The reason lies within both their design and intent.

Getting someone to open your business’s email takes a lot more planning than you may realize. That’s where Klaviyo comes in.

Klaviyo provides you with a pick-and-choose format. It’s easy to insert features that let you visualize your email as a bunch of building blocks. Kind of like your personal set of marketing Legos.

You get to preview how your email comes across to your audience without having to start from scratch. Conisder this marketing tool for beginners the next time you send out an email.

These added features make you feel confident in sending out your next promotion:

  • Easy to import email lists
  • Email series setups
  • Automatic response through email flows
  • Audience segmentation to better tailor your emails

For SEO: MOZ Explorer

We know you’ve heard of SEO at this point. A crash course can tell you how important it is to optimize your SEO. But, implementing SEO is a lot easier said than done.

That is…until you discover Moz Keyword Explorer. Its features make this a perfect marketing tool for beginners. And, if you feel up to the challenge you can also try the Pro version.

Moz gives you keyword research, competition insight, and your search engine ranking. Moz also offers thousands of articles to help you understand the complex features of SEO.

We find these Moz features to be helpful:

  • Keyword analytics by search volume
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Save your personalized keyword lists

For Better Copy: Hemingway App

Copy is one of those things that gets misunderstood. It’s not the same as your high school essays. But it doesn’t have to be difficult either.

You’re likely to find that one of the differences between good and bad copy is its readability. It’s a lot easier to attract your audience when they can actually read what you’ve written!

So when your audience tends to give no more than 5-8 seconds of attention to your content, you better make it easy to read!

One free and favorite marketing tool for beginners is the Hemingway app.

This tool evaluates not only your readability. It highlights the errors within your writing based on several factors.

Spot passive verbs or unnecessary adverbs in a few seconds! Even get your copy analyzed for its reading level.

We can’t recommend the Hemingway App enough for its:

  • Color-coded proofreading system
  • Reading time evaluation
  • Automatic suggestions

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